Hello! There is still a month to the end of 2018! Design trends are also constantly changing. As a UI designer, keeping up with the trend is a must-have for us to keep our design advanced. However, as a trend forecast, we need to judge the actual property in combination with its own attributes, and it is the correct commercial design that conforms to its own products.

Annual Highlights – Illustrator –

Although the illustrations are already hot this year, the illustration design in 2019 should rise to a new level. According to recent statistics, the illustrations are 7 times better for users than ordinary photography. Brands are also increasingly looking for vibrant and styled illustrations to reflect their brand tonality, and unique illustrations and bold colors will surely make you stand out among the masters of collage.

First, the general trend

1.1, bold colors

In fact, since 2018, designers have preferred to use bright colors, but this trend does not seem to be strong enough, so in 2019, bold super-saturated tones will become more popular. Pantone also revealed the color trend forecast for 2019. If you want your work to stand out, please use bold colors!

1.2, asymmetry

Although many people like to balance composition with perfect symmetry, but ignore the importance of asymmetric design, the use of asymmetrical design can not only balance the composition, but also make your design not fall, you can use any element Create a unique visual effect such as typography, geometry or 3d rendering.

1.3, dynamic effects

Mobility is an excellent opportunity to promote users’ goodwill and intimacy with the brand. It also has great potential and development space. Designers must keep up with the trend and master it in advance.

1.4, mix and match

While mashup design can be challenging, it will definitely give your design a unique visual effect.

1.5, gradient

Gradual design has become more popular since last year and will continue to be maintained by 2019. Even Apple and Instagram prefer a gradual change, which is definitely the best choice for you in 2019.

1.6, isometric view

Although in the past few years we have seen the 2.5D style design in the trend, in 2019, as the illustration gradually occupied all the design fields, we really need to start paying attention to it.

1.7, AR technology

AR technology has already begun to emerge in the field of webpages or APP design. Many brands are constantly trying to integrate AR technology into their brand promotion. This is a relatively new trend, so be sure to pay attention to it in 2019.

1.8, nature photos

Today, designers are looking for more natural, not deliberate photos, which is an important trend in the future of imagery.

2.  UI / UX trends

2.1, the mobile first!

From Google’s implementation of mobile-responsive websites, mobile has become the first choice for responsive web design. In the future, designers should also consider the design of the mobile version first, and then consider the desktop version.

2.2, negative space

Less is more. In recent years, the use of negative space can be seen in almost all design fields, and such examples will only be more and more, and it is also a good idea to use in UI design.

2.3, illustration

As we said earlier, illustrations are the main trend in popular design in recent years. From the landing page to the entire site, illustrations are sweeping across the design industry.

2.4, functional icons

People naturally use relevant dynamic linear icons to create visual hierarchies and draw attention to areas that the user wants to pay attention to.

2.5, geometric fluids and asymmetric shapes

A geometric fluid with a bold color scheme and a strong gradient, an asymmetrical shape is an essential web design trend in 2019.

2.6, video background

Studies have shown that videos on the site can increase conversion rates. A video can quickly communicate your message in seconds and keep users on the site for a longer period of time.

2.7, dynamic effects

Nowadays, dynamic effects occupy a pivotal position in the design industry. You can easily find them on your website, ad or app design. Feel free to have a smooth transition button or a good hover effect, you can achieve twice the result with half the effort.

2.8, micro-interaction

Micro-interactions create subtle visual effects in the APP. In 2019, we will pay more attention to the design of micro-interaction than ever before, and we will see the micro-interaction hidden behind each UI element, no matter how small it is.

2.9, font instead of picture

With the attention paid to typography in recent years, many giants such as Apple will express their opinions through a clear and unique font, and the fonts are gradually returning to the public’s eyes. Maybe the pictures will be replaced by words on that day?

2.10, rasterization and overlapping elements

In the past few years, overlapping elements in web design have existed, and rasterization can create unique creative layouts. Always remember the mobile experience!

2.11, 3D illustration

The 3D illustration has entered a huge boom in the past few years, and many big brands have chosen to use 3D rendering on their products, such as: sports shoes, sports equipment, packaging design and so on.