What is the outdoor advertising?丨50 of the world’s most famous creative outdoor advertisements 丨Part 2

Today, with the rapid development of the Internet, the form of advertising keeps pace with the times and is added to a variety of high-tech. We have seen a lot of visual shocks of advertising blockbusters, various H5 technology, frequent screen-brushing network marketing cases.
“Outdoor Advertising” seems plain, but the visible signs, T stations, walls, printed posters and so on, still show its stable position.
Actually, creative outdoor ads are no less likely to be screened than online ads. Today, copywriters open a database to share the world’s classic creative advertising cases with their craftsmen. Maybe some of you will be familiar with, “This is not a certain brand used it.” Yes, these IDEAs are still fresh today.


11, Formula toothpaste ads

Visual Enhancement Advertising appeals (building strong teeth) to make your teeth strong enough to tear outdoor billboards! By What is the outdoor advertising?


12, restaurant road signs advertising

The advertisement is put into the scene, the tunnel is ingeniously designed, very image. By What is the outdoor advertising?


13, Berger paint advertising

How natural the paint is, and brush it out with the blue sky. By What is the outdoor advertising?


14, public service advertisement

Very image ads, no seat belt fastened, back seat is not safe, once an accident, you like a bullet on a slingshot, quickly popped out. By What is the outdoor advertising?


15, Calgary International Film Festival “crying billboards”

Add a little thought, let billboards “tears”, let the whole crying picture lifelike, the film’s appeal can be seen. By What is the outdoor advertising?


16. Panasonic automatic nose hair machine

Again combined with the scene created, let the wire become “nose hair”, so that advertising immediately from the plane into 3D, the screen design more attractive. By What is the outdoor advertising?


17, Tondeo Mini Trimmer Mini trimming knife.

The same is true of this type, and it’s a good idea to use the dead branches around you to cut off your growing excess hair. By What is the outdoor advertising?


18, HeineKen beer

Simple plane with 3D effect, a hand coming out to grab the beer bottle, enough to illustrate the charm of the bottle of beer. By What is the outdoor advertising?


19, McDonald’s “big egg” billboard

In order to promote new products, McDonald’s creative outdoor advertising from static to dynamic, no longer simply to disseminate copywriting, but into a story of the spread, the effect of natural fission. By What is the outdoor advertising?


20. Leica telescope

Distance is like being folded, and using this telescope, the brown bear, thousands of miles away, appears vividly in front of your eyes. By What is the outdoor advertising?


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