Creative outdoor advertisements 丨50 of the world’s most famous outdoor advertisements 丨Part 1

Today, with the rapid development of the Internet, the form of advertising keeps pace with the times and is added to a variety of high-tech. We have seen a lot of visual shocks of advertising blockbusters, various H5 technology, frequent screen-brushing network marketing cases.
“Outdoor Advertising” seems plain, but the visible signs, T stations, walls, printed posters and so on, still show its stable position.
Actually, creative outdoor ads are no less likely to be screened than online ads. Today, copywriters open a database to share the world’s classic creative advertising cases with their craftsmen. Maybe some of you will be familiar with, “This is not a certain brand used it.” Yes, these IDEAs are still fresh today.


1, McDonald’s “vegetable salad” outdoor advertising

The graphic design font into a three-dimensional real vegetable arrangement, by letting the audience understand the real vegetable growth process, strengthen the concept of “freshness”. Fresh salad, it looks fresh! By Creative outdoor advertisements

2, POND’S ((Pond”s) antibacterial Cleansing Milk

“Expert on pore cleaning” is clear at a glance. By Creative outdoor advertisements

3. Koleston Naturals hair dye ad

The use of hollow-out techniques, make full use of the color of the sun, to evolve the color of hair changes, a very smart outdoor advertising. By Creative outdoor advertisements

4, apple iPod + iTunes

There is no limit to music, much less than you can imagine. By Creative outdoor advertisements

5. Zhang Bei fitness center (ZhangBei Fitness)

Your weight has turned the house down. It’s time for fitness! By Creative outdoor advertisements

6. Rapala fishing equipment

Speak with facts: more and more cats appear around billboards. By Creative outdoor advertisements

7. Playboy Playboy’s posters.

The ads were placed in the women’s bathroom and bathroom, making the ladies feel as if they were in a Playboy studio. Playboy magazine content, as you can imagine. By Creative outdoor advertisements


8, Levi”s ((Levi’s) men’s underwear

Do not want to suffer such pain? You need pants that can protect your little brother. By Creative outdoor advertisements

9. The Economist’s “light bulb” advertisement.

A classic advertisement that uses a sensor to interact with each other will light up your “light of wisdom” as long as you walk through it. By Creative outdoor advertisements

10, TV drama “Law & Order” outdoor advertising

Clever use of street lights on the road, visual creative stick!


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