In 2018, since the last article, almost half a year did not write his own things, this half a year in the new company, new jobs have been very big, has done two app, an information class (already online), the other is the small business (still not online). The process of work is full of difficulties and hardships, but fortunately, all difficulties can be overcome. In the past six months, what I have gained is not only the works of online app, but also the understanding and perception of UI&UX constantly changing and deepening. Looking at the new year, it is time to summarize your work experience for half a year and share with you.

One, team work, compromise is a learning

The final appearance of a product is the result of various compromises.

The biggest difference between the design of Internet products and plane type is probably the breakdown of jobs. Before doing plane related work (brand, vision, e-commerce), one may act as a basic job other than printing, not only to communicate with customers, to understand user needs and ideas and problems, but to think and formulate a design plan, to show the design proposals to the customers, and to hold on to it. A approved design proposal is obtained to ensure that the design results conform to the customer’s expectation and landing. If the product is to be delivered at the end, it may also have to follow the process of printing to ensure the quality of the printed material. It seems like a man has done all the work.

But the Internet product is not the same. The first biggest problem is how to let the program fall to the ground. In general, there is no way to do it alone (unless it is a whole stack designer who is proficient in the various development languages of the front end and the client), because there are some designers, even if you are involved in the development of the process. Well, you can do the product interaction and UI, and then you will (WEB) front end development language or client development language, but you still need an engineer to write the background, so under normal circumstances, the development of Internet products is interlinked, at least two to three people need to work together. Do. This is a relatively small product, if it is a complex product, it must be subdivided every link, and every link may be more than one person, product, interaction, UI, front end, client, backstage, because the workload of each link is too big!

Since there are so many division of labor, it will inevitably lead to different jobs and different points of view. Let’s take an example: we often hear development, obviously using A. Why do we need to use B? At the beginning, I really don’t really understand it, but then slowly familiar with the development of the work (especially after I started to learn some code knowledge) slowly understand, in fact, the development of our design, the most concerned about the realization of the function, and function is a variety of interaction of the collection, On a page, if the interaction is constant and the function is unchanged, it is only a few visual styles, which is relatively simple. If it is involved in the adjustment and modification of the interaction, the amount of work may be multiplied more and more, so the so-called “pull one hair” and move the whole body. So when we design, we should pay more attention to the consistency and reusability of modules and components, which can not only improve the quality of our design, but also effectively reduce the workload of development and improve the efficiency of development.

At the same time, there are many visual problems in the first version of the product developed. In the development process, in order to improve the efficiency, the developer does not care much about the details of the UI reduction, such as how much the spacing is, the interval is a few pixels, so the final product will have a UI before the line. In this process, it is a point to improve the product UI implementation that does not conform to the design draft. This is the time when our designers pay attention to each of the so-called pixels. Before that, we should pay attention to the realization of the function and process.

In fact, it is not only because the different functions of each post can lead to a lot of different opinions, sometimes it may also be because of the aesthetic or character problems of each person, and there will be a lot of friction. Therefore, to learn to compromise and adhere to a university in a team cooperation.

Two. Positioning yourself as a product designer

To attack and defend, let us think about UI’s work from a more comprehensive perspective.

Where is the future of a UI designer? Sometimes I think about such a problem, probably because I am already 30. This year, the sense of crisis is very heavy. Every time I see a variety of young designers in non – science groups after 90, 95, the envy is also full of indescribable pressure.

More than half a year, because I didn’t have a special interaction designer in my team, so I took most of the interaction design work at the same time. The beginning of the interactive design of things, in fact, their own understanding is very shallow, although I usually see a lot of user experience, design psychology, interactive design and so on books, but really work, or often fudding, because the interaction design needs careful logical thinking. The standard interactive design of the common app in the market has a competitive reference, or is relatively simple. It seems to me more difficult to be a tool type product and CMS (the content management system backstage), especially the interactive design of the CMS. If the design is not good, the minuter will feel crumbling. Interactive design is a very deep knowledge, it is also the UI designer must know and know, it is not a simple jump between pages, and not only a great display of dynamic effect, it is the key to a qualitative leap in the use of the product.

If a product is compared to a person, the product itself is the person’s soul and thought, interaction is the person’s manners and cultivation, and UI is a person’s shape and clothing taste and overall temperament, excellent people, the three are indispensable, the three is a symbiotic relationship.

In my opinion. Become a product designer, understand product thinking, be familiar with interactive design, and be proficient in visual design. What is a high match? I think at least the whole stack designer. This is like the field of graphic design. It is not a good graphic designer if you do not know all kinds of printing processes and materials. Good architectural designers also need to know a lot about architecture and building materials.

In this half year’s actual work, although the concept definition and prototype of the first product I did not participate in the discussion (I have decided when I went), I still try to think about the meaning of the product, which people are the target users, what needs to be solved, and their use scene. What do you have. I always think that the design work of Internet products has always been through the design thinking, but the focus of each specific division of labor is different. You can not be refined and screened for the product needs, but you have to understand what you have designed to meet the needs, the goals and directions to make better designs. You don’t know how to solve problems. The design work, after all, is to solve the problem, do not understand the origin of the problem, then can not comb out the essence of the problem, more can not make a good design to solve the problem.

Take yourself as a product designer, take a little bit of thought to think about the product, learn to interact, don’t let your eyes stay on a few nice interfaces, draw a few special sets of icons, or you will be eliminated by the industry sooner or later. It’s wrong to be eliminated by other better designers.

Three. Keep in mind UCD, but don’t be too naive

Many companies don’t really care about the so-called UCD.

I believe that most of the designers work in small and medium enterprises. The design work of such a business has an obvious feature. It is the first satisfaction of the boss or the boss. All the designs will be based on the preference of the boss. Only the boss says OK is OK. Of course, our company is also, after all, we are also a small company, and the boss’s personal style is particularly strong. So when making the first app, there are more than seven or eight versions of the first screen vision scheme. When we go into more in-depth design of other pages, we do not do any user scene analysis or user needs analysis, all of which are based on the idea of the boss to step by step. Of course, it is not necessarily wrong, but the status of the design work of a large part of the company. There may also be good products, but less likely. Many companies do not have a very professional design team, do not have a very professional product manager, but also have no professional product designers. When many design decisions are done, they are basically taking the head, or relying on personal life or design experience. In the unwittingly, the design method of UCD is forgotten in the back of the brain, UI is set up. The planner is only responsible for beautifying every element under the mechanical style, making the unity of visual style and becoming an excellent interface beautician.

But we UI designers can’t just beautify the interface, although we can not have a professional design team, not a very strong product manager or interactive designer, but we also need to keep reminding ourselves in the design process, the user experience as the center, what the user needs in the interface, what letter. Interest for him is the most important, how to reduce the user’s browsing load, improve the user’s use efficiency, although we may think of the direction and results are not necessarily right, but as long as we think, we can constantly strengthen our own design thinking, to avoid self output of a monotonous design scheme, Improve your design ability. If you can do every one hundred and twenty percent of your work, you can grow into a design cow, even if you are in a small, small company.

Four, adhere to the study, constantly improve the aesthetic and the eye

Now the work is not good, no problem. If it’s always bad, it’s your own problem.


I used to envy that designer, who entered a big company at an early age, or when he was less than 20 years old, his work would make people feel brighter. For this kind of non – science class, I have graduated 7 years from college. It is more than 3 years of careful design, and it seems that it has not begun to run.

It looks bad, but it’s really not. All the hardships you’ve gone through, if it’s over, that’s your life’s valuable asset. What should I do? Can only continue to work hard to narrow the gap with others, not right, not the gap with others, and their own expectations of the gap.

So improving the aesthetic and the eye is the most basic thing to do, and I also think that it is the most basic ability that a designer needs to continue to improve. The improvement of the aesthetic and the eye needs to be accumulated day by day, software operation and techniques can be short time to learn, and can temporarily steal the teacher, but if you are not aesthetic, you can never make a good design, because in your eyes and high level designers in the eyes of senior, may be different. The aesthetic and the eye is like a designer’s hidden attribute, which is unnatural in your daily design, and you do not need to mobilize it, and it will naturally help you in your work.

But many designers do not take this as a matter of fact. In fact, as long as you keep watching excellent works every day and stick to it for several months or half a year, your aesthetic appreciation will surely have a qualitative leap. Before you think that works of great design, you may be able to sneer at it later.

Look at the work is very simple, you just open Behance every day, open the home page recommended ten works, take a ten or two minutes to look down, feel good on the classification of the collection, in order to be used for future design reference.

But the key is to stick to it.

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