Today’s dry goods benefits give you 200 sets of excellent free UI design materials, which can be used as a copy of learning and design inspiration, including the APP user interface, Mac and Wins systems, UI components, and so on.

1. player interface

Some templates also have grid reference lines, which help you understand layout and layout better.

2. menu and options panel


3. button switch

4. UI component




5. backstage operation interface

6. Mac / Wins / iOS system interface

Installation and use steps:

Most of the material is PSD files, and the others are AI, EPS, SVG and other formats, drag into the corresponding PS, AI, Sketch software, or double click to find the corresponding layer, directly edit the use. Take PS as an example, every layer in the PSD file has a name. Right click on the element, you can find the layer of the element and click Edit.

To prevent password errors, please copy it to the computer download:

Download link:    Password: jisn77

Backup link:    Password: 7cik

Backup link 2:    Password: 3n8dgp

Backup link 2:    Password: KG2V

If it is temporarily unable to download, you can avoid downloading during the peak download period.