1. Find a job – resume

To find a job, a resume is the first hurdle. It is divided into two parts: one is to write a resume and the other is to send a resume.

1. write a resume

Writing resume is in principle concise and concise, highlighting one’s own work experience, and the space is limited to two pages of A4 paper.

As a designer, the greatest work experience is what you do, but each item is different in size and may contain a number of functional modules, which can be briefly introduced in your own project to increase the richness of your work. Because, as a job seeker, is temporarily not aware of the other company’s current or future planning of what kind of business, not to say that your resume is one of the contents of the other company or missing. So the content should be plentiful and the language is concise. For example, the Lord will write this:

XXX APP (map information collection class APP, already online)

Role: UX/UI Designer

Sports tool &Social products, combined with intelligent hardware and intelligent shooting technology, allows users to measure and use sports data, and form a corresponding social circle.

So, what are the contents of the resume? For example, the owner wants to look for an interactive designer, so the resume will highlight the project experience and logical thinking ability of the owners. Besides the name contact and project experience, the owners will emphasize that their major is industrial design (interactive design industry is more professional), and then his own skills Skill, But not only what software will be written, but a series of analytical skills, as shown below. These skills should be able to explain to the other company during the interview and how to use them in their work.

So, to sum up, writing a resume is to see what the other person wants, what you have, and match the needs of the two. If necessary, write different resumes for different positions of different companies.

2. resumes

To invest in a resume, to find a friend to push is the most efficient, followed by a net (to exclude the suspicion of advertising, the Lord concealed one of the words, we should be able to guess).

Why is pushing the most efficient? First, from the perspective of the company, it is believed that the level of the person introduced should be similar to the present employees, to be able to work, and to be in the same circle of communication costs relatively small, so of course, they are willing to look at the resume recommended by the staff first. Then the resume that comes from the recruitment website will be relative to the lag, so now look at your contact circle, which friends are working relative to your company, put down the face to contact it.

And the students will ask, what can I do without a friend in a big company? The owner tried to add people from the WeChat group of some design circles, and asked whether the other company was recruiting designers. Why can it be sure that the other party will help? Generally, the company’s recruitment will send emails to the internal staff, and give the corresponding recommendation award, the bonus is determined according to the high and low of the recommended successful post, so as an employee, it is very willing to recommend the cow to come in.

As a job seeker, saving time is pushing oneself. Generally within one or two weeks of pushing, if the other person feels right, it will contact you, more than 10 days no contact, basically no play, direct delivery to the next. What you need to say is that, no matter whether the other person feels it or not, you can’t mess up the pace of finding a job, and put all the hopes on the echo of one or some companies, because there are so many uncertain factors. Until you receive the electronic offer, you can stop your resume.

Pull a network, because docking is the Internet industry, so for designers is the most efficient website, no one. But one characteristic is that only more than 10 can be invested in a day. After all, the Internet Co is limited, and the company also wants the decision that the applicant thinks carefully. What one job seeker does not know is that, as a recruiting company, when you see your resume on the site, you can only see your name, the school of graduation, the name of the company, which means you can only start from these three aspects.

If the school can’t change, it can start from the company. If the investor of the company is bigger, the investor will also write it. The name of the name, the Lord himself will clearly write the “three _X years of experience for senior designers”, let the recruiter from my years of work to do some pre judgment, the premise is that the cabinet is looking for a senior designer’s post, if you only one year’s work to be delivered, it will only waste the same day. To deliver the quota, so we should use it flexibly.

Say so much, do not know whether the group has get to what information point, looking for a job is from every possible channel to let the other party more fully understand your advantages!

Finally, the resume should be done beautifully and beautifully. Register to find a place to take a good picture.

Another trend is that, from the feeling of finding a job this time, the owner has learned a phenomenon that the demand for designers on the market is less than two or three years ago, that is, the market has begun to become rational and more demanding for designers. Don’t lose heart, but the demand for senior designers has always been there, so the most important thing for partners is to improve their business level.

Two, looking for work — a collection of works

Before the designer is looking for a job, the other person will make sure that you attach a link in your resume to your resume or a good PDF. The following owners are mainly prepared from the format, the content of their target posts, and the set of works that the other company wants.

1. format

There are three formats for the collection of works: Web links, a brief version of PDF, and a detailed version of the folder.

Web links

What does a web link refer to? Now, in general, your resume is presented in front of the interviewer in the form of an electronic document, and the push is presented in the form of a PDF. Because some companies push the system will have a document size limit, it may be 3MB, or 10MB, so your resume should not exceed 3MB. How can we present our work and level under such capacity? Of course, the resume is originally a piece of work, but this is far from enough. The best way is to insert a link of your own work on your resume.

This link can be your own blog or a personal website. If you want to save more, use the existing web site directly, like a design site such as cool, Behance, Dribbble, and apply for an account to display. What’s the difference between the three websites? Generally speaking, the overall level of Behance and Dribbbl is higher than that of station cool, Behance tends to be the presentation of the project, and Dribbbl tends to a small piece of work, such as the presentation of an illustration and other forms. Behance can upload works without invitation code. Dribbbl needs to invite code to publish works, and invite codes to ask friends around.

A brief version of PDF

The brief version of PDF refers to the condensation of your project. What are the projects you do, what each project is doing, what your role is, the time of your project, the content of your work, the way you solve the problem yourself, and so on. The PDF page number is controlled around 40 pages, and the size of the file is compressed within 10MB. The purpose is to send it to HR for the purpose of displaying its own experience. The proportion is more popular now is 16:9, I use the size of 1920x1080px to show.

Detailed version of the folder

This folder is your regular work folder. Besides your own PSD or Sketch files, you may also be a picture of a project, a manuscript, or a PPT for a team, because you can never completely know what the other person will ask in the interview and do a good job. Preparation is the most suitable.

2. the content of the work collection of the target position

Now let’s talk about how the content of the collection is presented.

The owner will first think about what kind of job you want to look for, and then go to the website or a company’s recruitment page to see what the work is and what it needs.

After that, the owner thinks about his own work and how to do that. For example, the goal of the owner is to find an interactive designer, so the corresponding interactive designer’s position will focus on the logical thinking ability of the interviewer and the ability to solve the problem flexibly. The specific skills require that the logic flow chart, the page Jump diagram, the production effect and so on are to be drawn, and the owner is based on this Some of the requirements are reflected in the corresponding project.

If there is a lack of skill, you can think about who other colleagues have, and then how they do it, and can not learn a little. In the interview, you can say that you have the skill (if you really have to learn), it’s just no use, it’s good if you can work in the present job. This is just one solution. You can think more about others.

Another important thing is that it is best to have ready developed App Store. Then we should prepare basic data related to APP’s daily activities and communicate with each other in depth.

3. the set of works that the other company wants

Each company has different requirements for the applicant, and even if the interviewer’s own level is uneven, they have different requirements for the employer’s collection. In view of the experience of the Lord, in addition to the collection of his own prepared works, if the collection of some of his own extra interest classes, such as drawing water color, photography, even the art of cooking, or partial logic, is your presentation of something or a plan for a certain event, it is beneficial to display. Their own strength, the form to look good.

A collection of works of the Lord

Many people ask the owner of the pavilion that the owner can share the Behance link to you


The owner interviewed the interaction designer, so when he was preparing his works, the owner focused more on his own project experience and logical expression. The owners have prepared six project areas to express:

The first is to show the design experience of the owner who has mobile phone, intelligent hardware and Apple Watch three.
The second focus is to show the communication between the owner and the developer in order to demonstrate his communication skills.
The third one is the whole process of independently responsible for project design. The purpose is to show that the owner can independently design a APP.
The fourth shows the process of solving a specific problem by the owner. The purpose is to demonstrate the ability of the owner to solve problems through a specific problem.
The fifth, sixth one is the UI design, which shows that the owner has good aesthetics and solid design skills.
Interested students can click on the link to check.

The students who do visual design may feel that the owner’s vision is not good enough, the Lord can make sure to answer it, and it does have less energy in the vision. On the one hand, the visual design of the cabinet is relatively weak. The other important reason is that the goal of the cabinet is not to do the vision, but the logic. So we can adjust accordingly according to our goal.

To sum up, the collection is to prepare a web link and a brief version of the PDF as a knock on for the interview, use a work folder and a ready APP to communicate with the interview, and make some necessary additions to the additional artistic quality. Lastly, the best thing to do is to accumulate in the usual work and prepare for the need to find a job.

Three. Look for a job – Interview

When we do a good job and post a resume, we usually receive some interview notices. If it is a sea investment, this probability is probably more than 10 resumes will receive 1~2 interview notice, if directional delivery, will be 4~5 company received 1 interview notifications.

Of course, according to the individual ability, there will be a change, the cow will not have to throw a resume, and there will be someone to dig, if it is white, you may send 20 to have an interview notice. But what Ge wants to say is, don’t put eggs in a basket. First, put your resume in a broad sense, whether it’s a start-up company or a listed company. The purpose of this is to allow yourself to get more interview opportunities to accumulate all kinds of interview experience. Two is not to see a chance too much.

After receiving the interview notice, the design industry usually has three rounds of interview. The first round is your future leader interview. The second round is the design director and the third round is HR. The first two rounds are interviews. The third round may be face-to-face or telephone communication, depending on the specific circumstances of each company. Some companies may have four or five rounds of interviews.

1. design Leader interview

In this round of interview, the interviewer mainly depends on your design ability to see if you can work immediately. In this part, our design works play a major role.

First do a self introduction, your name, the major, the work experience, the work of the latest work, time control in 1~2 minutes more appropriate, and then to show your work.

According to the experience of the owner, at least two main APP should be prepared for interview. First, tell the other person what APP you are designed for, what the target user is, what’s the main content, taking pictures or social, and what your role is. Then use your own APP to the interviewer.

Then he will ask you a lot of questions in the process of using it. Some will ask how to define the target user, how to verify your own design is correct, why you do it in the design of a function, what is the reason, and so on. It is to ask yourself to be reasonable in every step of your life, not to make a fool of yourself, so that you will explain your work from the bottom of your heart in the interview.

After asking two pieces of work, the interviewer will ask for other abilities, such as if you have any other hobbies, other small works, and so on. At this time, you are looking at your character, a person who loves life or a technical home.

Which is better, this is not true, the Lord feels that as long as it is true to communicate here, as long as it is not an illegal hobby, it should not be a big problem, sports, cooking, music is a better choice. Also ask you if you have any questions to ask each other. At this time, you need to ask what your work is and what kind of person you need. Whether the two-way choice between you and your business is right.

The entire interview session will last for 30~60 minutes, and chatting will be a little longer. Professionals may account for 80% of the time, others may account for 20% of the time. But if it ends in more than 10 minutes, there may be little hope.

At this level, the interviewer may arrange some assignments for you according to your circumstances, or it may not be based on specific circumstances. However, the owners generally do not want to communicate with the enterprises who assign homework unless they are the company that they admire. If you are assigned homework, you may not be able to achieve eighty percent of your satisfaction during the interview.

2. design director’s interview

After the interview of the technical officer, about 2~4 days away, there will be telephone calls for the next round of interviews. This time is generally an interview with the design director, and in addition to the last round of professional interviews that need to be interviewed on this round, the director may want to see how you are, with the potential, the pattern, and the vision, and what kind of promotion can be brought to the whole design team.

It may ask you the usual way of learning knowledge, and as a designer, how do you help the product improve, how APP’s daily life, see if you have a product thinking and so on, or do you know if you have any understanding of the company you interviewed, and if you have a study in this area, if you let the product go into the product. Do the improvement, what do you have, and so on. That is to say, the weight of this round of interview is 50% professional, 50% field of vision and pattern. The whole time is also controlled in 30~60 minutes.

At this time, if the other person asks you if you have any questions, you can be inclined to ask the team’s development and so on.

3. HR interview

To this round, congratulations on your success in more than half of the professional clearance. The purpose of the HR interview is to talk about the salary. In addition to this, you can see why your job hopping and the person’s stability will jump to another place and if it is a girl who will have a baby at once, and so on. And explain the current situation of the company, the situation of the design team and so on.

With respect to wages, job hopping is not equal to 10~30%. If the other party keeps down your salary, the cabinet suggests prudent consideration. If you can give a more appropriate level of increase, it is a more normal business.

In addition to the above – mentioned interview questions, the group may encounter a variety of different interview questions, but do not worry that the business is to find you to work, to practice your own skills is the most important thing, not afraid of the ability to be excellent. There is a little more important, that is, to answer the other’s question without thinking, and this is the suggestion that Google gives to the applicant on the official website. What is the reason for it, we should be able to understand.

HR after the interview, the general company will give a response within a week, if passed, the phone will be offer communication, the rest of the group. If you don’t have it in a week, go ahead with your resume and continue to interview other people. You don’t have to phone to ask. Recruiting people is one of the KPI that HR has been assessed. He will not forget. Calling to ask is just wasting time between oneself and the other party.

Many interviews, people will have experience, will find the interviewer’s design level is also uneven, in general, more focused on the design of the previous research and self reflection of the company, is more visionary, is a relatively high quality company, if you look at what kind of design tools and drawing level you use Without paying attention to the test of the thinking level, it shows that the other side is not very good either.

In the words of my classmate, finding a job is a matter of “heaven, time, place, and people”. If the energy is concentrated, about half a month or so, you can know where you can go at this stage. Which company is the best choice at the present stage, and can be employed in a month. If the rhythm is slower, 2~3 months are also possible.


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