What is Alibaba? What is the Alibaba Salary and Alibaba Level?

Alibaba is a Chinese e-commerce company operating online marketplaces for both international and domestic China trade. It also operates an online payment system called AliPay.

It is a family of internet-based businesses, which enables its users to buy or sell anywhere in the world. It has developed businesses in consumer e-commerce, online payment, business-to-business marketplaces, and cloud computing, and has now expanded into new areas such as mobile apps, mobile operating systems, and internet TV.

The company is focused on fostering the development of an open and collaborative e-commerce ecosystem that benefits consumers, merchants, and the economy as a whole.

Alibaba assists millions of buyers and suppliers all over the world to do business online through its own trading markets that includes an International Trading Market, which serves global import and export business; a Chinese Trading Market, which caters to domestic business; and a Japanese Trading Market..



Bubble is my good friend. This year, 31 years old, after graduating from the Alibaba, work in five years from P4 to P6, P7, P8.

He seldom talked about work, but he always felt that he had a great job experience and should share it. I hope it will help a new person in the workplace. After talking for 3 hours, I found that it was also inspiring for me who worked for many years.

1.  Before entering the workplace, knowledge is not difficult for me.

I went to university in 06 years, specialized in industrial design, and graduated in 10 years. When I was in University, my knowledge was not mainly from the teacher, but from the electric donkey.

I may have been downloading the latest learning video for more than a dozen hours a day. Because of my professional design, I will find a lot of things on the Internet, such as film concepts, original paintings, and illustrations. Slowly shaping their own shape and aesthetic ability. After that, I went to see all kinds of movies, I was interested in movie effects, and I started learning video production. Painting for a long time, and go to study coding.

At that time, unlike now, information will come to you on your own initiative. At that time, it would be very valuable to find information. I usually encounter problems, find information, spend all night practicing it. Take the next challenge after solving the problem.

This experience is very important to me because it gives me the awareness and habit of active learning. It gave me two apocalypse.

First, knowledge is no longer scarce for me, and curiosity is only scarce. It gives me confidence in acquiring knowledge. In the past, all of our education was that you had to make great efforts to get into the next stage of study after a certain examination or some official certification. Now knowledge is there, as long as you want to get it anytime.

Two, it affects the way I look at the relationship between people, people and authority. Because information is equal, when you are communicating with authority, or not in your professional field, there is no big gap in the magnitude of information, and you can think on an equal footing through independent thinking. This makes me not afraid of authority.

2. Do not care about “no”, I have my standard.

When I first entered Alibaba, I was not used to it. I think the rhythm is slower here.

For one of the best companies on the Internet, I expected that I could learn a lot. During that time, the whole China emphasized or began to develop the so-called craftsman spirit. Taking Apple’s products and companies as an example, it is always optimistic about its elegance.

But when I did come in, I found that my work style and communication efficiency were not as professional and efficient as I thought. But the good thing about it was that I decided to set goals for myself. If the environment can’t help me, I’ll wash it myself.

Because I started talking about self-confidence in knowledge built up through self-learning, I felt in my heart that it was possible to rely on myself. So I think that when I first entered the workforce, unlike many young people, I was born with less concern for authority.

For example, we will have all kinds of restrictions on Internet products, and technology and resource problems can not be done. Or a phased goal may not be the same as what you want to do. I didn’t care that at that time. My judgment is not whether or not it can be done, or whether it can go online, but whether it can achieve the goal I set for myself.

The whole year has been a very fast and professional stage. And then I’ve been doing things and doing it very quickly. Two years into my career, I completed my first promotion to P6.

3. Rapid professional establishment in the first two years. I have a little trick.

I had a little trick at that time and found it very useful in the first year of my work. As for every new project I have, as long as there are new people, the first time I cooperate, I must surprise them.

Tara: surprised, will you set different ways of surprise according to different people’s background and characteristics?

Not very well. I think this experience is called a step more. It’s a step more than you think. The so – called step is all – round. The pace of walking in different projects may be different.

Of course, a small adjustment will be made according to who he is or what your goal is. But the most important thing is not because of the character of the person to make adjustments. It’s about what he needs, and what problems you need to help him solve.

Tara: will your surprise be consistent with your project objectives?

Not always.

I’ll think about it this way. For the first time, we have to complete a project. My first priority is to do this project very well.

For example, we have to solve the problem of GMV and final volume. So first I’ll split up: what is GMV equal to? It is equal to someone coming, the transformation of this person, and the unit price of this transformation. I’ll look for the opportunity in these three directions.

In the first two years, when a task was received, the goal was always determined. But I will think about what this is going to do for the final goal. Which part of the target helps? In addition to this matter, is there anything else that can pry the final goal?

Goals can be broken down into many hypotheses. What we do is to accomplish a certain goal for a certain hypothesis. Two years before you work, people often do not discuss goals again, often talking about to do. But all to do comes from one goal. The accuracy of the so-called to do of a project has never been seen, and there must be more room for optimization. This is my first priority.

If this is not done, I will try to get a better and more elegant solution at the todo level.

When these two levels can not be done, I will go to people to do more things. Can we be more intimate and what kind of things others need? Can we think more about others?

4. Nietzsche’s conversation changed my way of thinking.

At the beginning of the job, all the energy is focused on the personal specialty, but there are some bottlenecks, because a lot of things are not done by yourself.

It took me only a year to upgrade P6 P7, but it was soon because of some changes in my way of thinking that led to significant differences in results.

I remember having a chat with my boss about what a team is, and what determines a team’s ability.

He said, do you know Nietzsche? I say I know. He said that everyone said Nietzsche was a madman, but he had a very right answer. What is the history of a country, or what is culture?

For example, what do you say in German culture? The so-called culture in my mind is folk custom, impression in others’ mind and so on. But Nietzsche’s argument is that the influence of a great nation or a great culture is the history of the greatest people of the nation.

My boss said that the improvement of a team’s ability is not that everyone should walk in a neat way, and should not put a lot of energy into helping others grow. The most important thing is that someone can rush out of a benchmark and kill a blood route. You have to believe that people are active, and there is a fire in their hearts. They see the road, and they will work in this direction.

The workplace is easy to fall into a state of maturity. The more mature you are, the more you want to cut the cake. But the problem is that the cake is so big that everyone cuts so small. It doesn’t mean much. The more important thing is to make this cake bigger. How do you do that? It must not be solved by yourself. Everyone needs to burst out the energy that he should burst out.

Before, I spent a lot of energy to talk with others. “Are we good at doing this? “.” After talking to my boss, I changed my way of looking at people. I have more people to talk to. I took all the graduates and interns at that time. I told you that nothing is called a team. We are the best and the best team.

We were doing the responsive design of the whole website. At that time, there was no mature solution in the industry from PC to wireless response rules. I need to study it myself.

There were a few difficulties at the time.

One is that the previous response design has only put forward a most basic methodology and has been implemented only in some very simple products, such as blog products and text products. But we are a complex e-commerce product, with very complex scenes and more dense information.

Two, we are a multilingual website. The length of different languages is totally different. For example, Chinese and Russian, there may be three times the difference in text. But you have to use a set of solutions to solve everything.

Three is the question of teamwork. For example, the cooperation of development. Because the annotation system in the past is completely different. For example, let product managers understand these things, and what risks he has to do. It is necessary to establish a communication mechanism so that everyone can understand how this thing is work.

You have to go out of the way. When you prove this road, everyone will work hard in this direction. He will add more details to the direction you open up. When your details become more and more abundant, this is the case.

My P6 to P7, the biggest project is this project.

Tara: as a team leader, is it possible to set a bigger goal by becoming a benchmark?

In P6, I wasn’t actually leader, but I had to work as a leader. When you are not leader, you have no authority and can not ask others to do anything. So the most efficient way is to kill everyone.

I think many people are stuck in their own ability and professional authority, but they haven’t become leader yet. There are two ways to really get into the leader stage. The first is top-down, the boss assigns you, and then you take the sword of the Shang Fang, but there are few people who often get it. The other is to count on myself. I think the most effective way is to kill a blood route.

After P7: how do team battles fight

It took two years for P7 to P8. After P7, I took the team, a few people’s small team. In Alibaba, I think the real challenge is from P7.

Because I still rely on individuals, but from this time on, I really carry a team’s KPI. We should consider the establishment of team trust, the relationship between teams and teams and so on. The complexity is rising in the geometric level.

5. After P7, I brought a marketing team in AliExpress, which is actually not my specialty. What I am good at is UX Design, user experience and information architecture.

There was a big problem at the time.

At that time in China, we already had 11 such large-scale marketing activities, but in overseas markets, AliExpress’s marketing ability is still relatively poor. We do not have Taobao so much manpower, we need to do more than 200 countries, there are many pages. There are 18 languages that need to be translated into multilingual adaptations. There is no such reserve in technology. We don’t know how to do it.

At that time, I was faced with great pressure. I think the most important thing at this time is mental strength. Alibaba has been talking about three points. The longer I work, the more I agree: mental strength, physical strength and mental power. The ranking of these three things is mental strength first, physical strength second, labor third.

So I was in the circle of friends at that time, saying what made the money to sell Chinese cabbage and the heart of the white powder. In fact, when I was speaking to a front-end student, he was in a state of emotional breakdown and went back to me directly.

Tara: under great pressure, when everyone is in bad mood, is there any other way besides hard support?

I think I can only push it up.

One thing I want to say is that when you experience more stress, you know that the pressure before is nothing.

Just like I made a home page revision when I was in P6, I thought, wow, I had a meeting with what big boss. He stared at me. The pressure was so great. Then when I was double 11, I was carrying so many things, to do a few months, maybe a butt to go down the line, everyone hung up, all the students KPI hang this thing. Look back on the P6, nothing.

Although the pressure is still great, you will be slow. I don’t think the strength of my mind is to say that it will improve. It’s a blunt sense of pressure.

Tara:OK, you go on.

In the first year, we successfully managed to cope with it, but in your heart you know what it is to save for a rainy day. I can’t say this year’s strategic direction. I’m ready now. I have no such ability, and this year it has been very difficult to survive.

Rainy day, or Mr. Ma Yun said, repair the roof when the sun is shining. I never thought about it before. But really encounter things, only to realize the importance.

So we began to build the so-called big promotion marketing system and product, not to regard it as an operation activity, but regard it as a product. We spend a year perfecting infrastructure.

Including the structure and capabilities of my team, we need to make adjustments. Our designers are at least the best in China, but the designers of our marketing team are all in product design. I need more people from the advertising company. The knowledge background of the advertising company is not the same as that of Internet Co. We should consider how to make them accept our culture.

6. The overall view of the team’s interests: let others stand C

Tara: earlier, when it comes to the relationship between team and team, KPI should protect their players while they are in conflict. Is there any experience in dealing with this relationship?

Yes. I think the first thing is not to decide your head with your butt.

Often the controversy between teams and teams is that the butt decides the brain, which is harmful to their own interests, or my site is not protected.

For example, I am the AliExpress design team, and when I work with Taobao Tmall design team today, what would I want to do for him?

For example, double 11, double 11 big brand is Tmall. But after all, overseas markets only know AliExpress, but do not know Tmall. Tmall’s logo I want to put, but I put to what extent, in advertising how to say, these are all I want to think about.

So I often need to rethink my position. Am I a designer of AliExpress or a designer of Alibaba group?

AliExpress is a subsidiary company, but what is the mission or goal of this subsidiary? What is the mission and goal of the Alibaba? It is to let small and medium-sized enterprises better live, let the world have no difficulty in doing business.

But it doesn’t have to be difficult to do business in the world. It doesn’t have to be done by AliExpress. We can do it by the acquiring company, if it’s more efficient or more efficient. What are we at the end of the moment? What is the first important thing for us as a design team? It is the ability to precipitate international design for the group.

What about letting Tmall design team do it? If our final result is better and more efficient, then should we let them stand in the C position, and we can help them?

This problem is good for our team, and the real business team needs to think about it.

For example, I am a home page owner, then I want the highest conversion rate of the home page, or we need to distribute the whole business more reasonable and shunt more reasonable. Every product has the life cycle of the product, and I myself have come to the end of the life cycle. I have been the end of the force. Do I have to fight for something or to reconsider the optimization of the whole thing? I think this is primarily a sense of leader.

Then the second point is how to influence others when others are communicating with others, and let others believe that you are sincere.

Tara: but if you let others stand C, what if they really affect their team? For example, what did you do is not helpful to your team KPI?

I don’t think I really care about it.

For me, I only need to be responsible for two things. The first is my colleagues in the team. The second is the business.

Any organization needs to be restructured, and refactoring is a continuous process. If the life cycle of my team is like this, in terms of strategic strategy, we respect such strategic strategy.

So if I need to redefine KPI, I will redefine KPI. Ali is a good point, that is, KPI is not half a year in the system can not be changed, you can always change according to the general direction, as long as your boss approved.

If I need to cut down, I’ll cut it. If I am doing this, my team is better than other parallel teams. I can make 8 of my 4 people and the other 4 to help the team do it.

Then I myself 4 people to complete a KPI goal smaller than before. I take a much worse position and reduce the flow to make my transformation better. And think about my next product life cycle, what I’m going to do next, and prepare for the next round of battles, and I think it will be a bonus, not a subitem, for your boss.

Of course, this is just what I think at the present level. I am not sure that I am going to a higher level. Maybe more people involve more interests. What do I think? Now, my experience tells me that this may be more sensible.

Tara:OK. As for the second point you mentioned, are there any specific things to say about team communication?

I have a small technique, that is, every time I go to a new leader with a team, whether he is new or I first contact, I often have an open conversation with him. What does the conversation talk about? It is the weakness.

This weakness means wanting to have a heart to heart with him and putting his heart on the table. What is the problem of our team now? What is our pressure? What is our pain point? We want to do something, but our ability is limited, we can not do it. So what do you think of it? What are your short-term goals? What is your long-term goal? How can we help you?

People usually have long meat, so that when they first contact, they will be more confident.

Of course, this is also related to our role, we are the backstage team, not the business team, is not the first line of battle team, so it may be easier.

Tara: the last question. Have you ever thought of job hopping over the years?

I rarely want to jump.

I think so. Every year my theme is very different. The challenge is different. What I learn is different. If it is always fresh, I will not think much of job hopping.

There are some difficulties in the middle. These difficulties often come to a halt in a few months, and there is a sense of achievement. I am a person who likes to reflect on my own problems. I often reflect on my own reasons or how things are not done. So the idea of real job hopping is very little.


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