Party A must be international design, you need to add Western style, but you are not familiar with Western style, do not know how to match to coordinate. The election is very big, but we still haven’t found the right one. So today, the artifact team has prepared a matching website dedicated to providing western script.

Website link:

Online one-click to generate a collocation of Western-style, direct preview and support for downloading the use of FontPair, open the home page of the site is like this, very simple and straightforward.

At the top of the list are Featured Font Pairs, the site’s selection of fonts, and a detailed classification of font collocations.

In the homepage recommendation, you can directly preview the effects of the five selected font combinations on various websites, and the site also provides very intimate color cards for the landing pages of these websites!

For example, if we choose the Dislay / Sans – Serif (display / no serif) matching above, the site will give you several classic matching cases.

Just click anywhere in the paragraph or title text to customize the text and then preview the visual effect directly.

If you like the font, click the download button at the bottom and you can download and install it directly. Is it super convenient?

It’s easy to download and use, but it’s also important to pay attention to the attributes of each type so that you don’t make any mistakes when matching it.
Here are some Western characters to use small tips, small partners can refer to.
The first is the most serrated body and sans serif body on the website.

Serif strokes have short lines at the edges, giving a formal, traditional, elegant feel, and they often appear in fashion magazines.

The Sans-Serif stylus has no short lines and is more modern and appealing.

Handwritten Western style is more decorative, many are used to express a unique title, less as a large number of internal text.

According to the attributes of each font, your partner can select the font you want in FontPair.
At the same time, you can also click the first option in the upper right navigation bar, Typography Resources.


Super knowledge dry goods waiting for you.

Simple operation, high practicality, support font download and installation directly, there is no messy bundled plug-ins, advertising.
So convenient and rich western style font library website, quickly collect it.

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