David will soon be 28, and will soon be upgraded to an entry-level uncle, although many female fans comfort me, uncle is also loved. However, old age, easy to get out of touch with society, recently always see “ten moves refuse”, actually do not know what it means. Hei hei,… Continue Reading How to get a girlfriend? Why do you give it away wholeheartedly? She still doesn’t want to be your girlfriend.

Do you often chat with goddess by “hum”, “Oh” and “ha ha”? And then you don’t know how? Chatting, the goddess will not reply to you anymore? Or the goddess is willing to talk to you, but unfortunately you have become a spare tire. Are you a senior spare tire?… Continue Reading Teach you how to love: There must be a reason for being single. Why can’t you catch the goddess?

  Is it your gift? No, it’s your gift! Packaging Design Inspiration: Japanese toy maker Kitan Club has designed a lovely Valentine’s Day gift for cats. (feeling the conscience, whose gift is it?) Officials say there are four colors available for the cat’s love headset, made of high quality wool,… Continue Reading Packaging Design Inspiration:Look at what excellent works this year?

Many brilliant designs do not rely on too complex techniques, usually in the classic design or common layout line slightly adjusted to break a certain rule, thus impressive. This group of case works comes from Rishi Shah, Logo and UI designer of India. Elegant neutral color + bright and bright… Continue Reading How do I create a website for my small business? Using nine simple techniques make excellent

  A wise man is not worldly wise. The calendar is smooth and naive. An old girl Now, A girl’s heart is a word that people often talk about. We love girls who exaggerate the age of twenty or thirty: Expect and be curious about the future. Willing to make… Continue Reading Kinuko y. craft paintings: A 78-year-old girl who did only one thing in 54 years had a life as vivid, colorful and mysterious as her paintings.

As the saying goes, “be prepared for danger when you are in peace, thinking is prepared, ready to be patient, and dare to follow this rule”. Parents are sheltered in their schooldays, and the lack of self actuation in active learning is also reasonable. After graduation, when you enter the… Continue Reading Universal design for learning methods: for the beginner.

How can I make a poster? 10 tips for perfect poster design! For designers, graphic design is one of the most basic skills. The design of posters and leaflets is almost a required course for every designer. Most of the digital posters on the Web today, advertising and promotional, are… Continue Reading How can I make a poster? 10 tips for perfect poster design!

Sketch2code microsoft: Design sketches can change code quickly. What kind of artifact is the recent super Sketch2Code? How does it turn design sketches into HTML code? This article translates Microsoft’s official blog introduction to help you understand how this open source artifact works. The user interface design process involves a… Continue Reading Sketch2code microsoft: Design sketches can change code quickly.

Street graffiti artist OakOak: It’s the first time to see this interesting. OakOak French street artists He sometimes finds streets in a corner of a small city. Leave some very interesting little graffiti. For example, he will be at the corner of the city. Draw some sidewalks to decorate the… Continue Reading Street graffiti artist OakOak: It’s the first time to see this interesting.

Colored pencil drawings See these colorful lead works. The mood has changed. From artist Marat Utamuratov Sexy beauty, wonderful!—Colored pencil drawings by Marat Utamuratov Marat creates vivid paintings. Look at the contrast between these works and photos. It’s paste replication. Handsome, beautiful woman, a big wave. Colored pencil drawings by… Continue Reading Colored pencil drawings: So vivid, I still can’t believe my eyes.

Behind every successful man, There is an excellent woman. In fact, behind those beautiful paintings, There are also stories that cannot be explained. “lady godiva on horseback painting” The first time I saw this picture, Attracted by her beauty. Like many people, We only see the gorgeous women on horseback.… Continue Reading 《lady godiva on horseback painting》:Behind the world famous paintings, hidden human nature is unknown.

《Changing Batteries》: Countless people moved to tears.   The five-minute animated short film, 《Changing Batteries》, without a gorgeous lineup and texture, was watched more than 7.1 million times in the last few days, and many people were moved to tears. On an ordinary afternoon, Grandma was sitting at her desk… Continue Reading 《Changing Batteries》: Countless people moved to tears.

What is the Google designers salary? First you should know how to pick companies!   Today, I saw an article written by a Korean sister who works at Google on how to find a design company that works for her. My sister’s article field is user experience design, but I… Continue Reading What is the Google designers salary? First you should know how to pick companies!

Drawing flower vector  with AI We’re going to draw a vector bouquet today. Of course, the bouquet isn’t the focus, it’s the text. Just like what I’m particularly fond of: it’s the only way to get started. No design has the power to evaluate whether it is difficult or not… Continue Reading Life is like summer flowers! Drawing flower vector characters with AI

  What is a dynamic UI? UI dynamic design, summary some basic rules What is a dynamic UI? Or UI dynamic design? Animation has now penetrated into every corner of the UI interface. The switching between screens is more coherent because of dynamic effects, and the context logic of interaction… Continue Reading What is a dynamic UI? UI dynamic design, summary some basic rules

  Sketch tutorial cold knowledge [Part 2] This issue was originally intended to introduce sketch components and libraries to cold knowledge, but found that there are still a lot of tricks left unfinished, this issue continues with the previous one. (Note: Everyone has their own usage habits and routines, so… Continue Reading Sketch tutorial cold knowledge [Part 2]

Nails tutorials for beginners – D I Y begins – 1. evenly coat two times the sky blue as the background color. ————By Nails tutorials for beginners   2. evenly coat the seal coat and light. ————By Nails tutorials for beginners   3. coat the whole coat without lighting. ————By… Continue Reading Nails tutorials for beginners: The real sky armor is like this!