Binance app is a client application of the handheld data of the currency exchange platform. The binance app official network takes you to master the market trends in time, support multi currency transactions, and customize the price.
Early-warning real-time detection, helping better currency transactions.

Basic introduction of Binance app
Binance app is a trading platform focused on block chain assets created by a group of digital asset enthusiasts.
Binance app provides users with a more secure and convenient exchange service for block chain assets, aggregating high-quality global block chain assets.
Binance app Android is committed to building a world-class block chain asset trading platform.
Binance app provides a diversified and convenient service, including the real time quotations, charts, accurate data analysis of global digital currencies for investors and social news.
The ability to track over 40 gold coins includes bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ethereum Classicand, and many others. Stable price chart, multi index and custom cycle setting.

Binance app function introduction
Safety and stability
Multi tier, multi cluster architecture
High performance
High performance matching engine technology up to 1 million 400 thousand single / second
High fluidity
Abundant resources and numerous partners provide liquidity for the platform.
Full platform coverage
Support Web, iOS, Android, H5, WeChat, PC client
Multilingual support
Providing worldwide support for a variety of mainstream languages
Multi currency support
BTC, ETH, LTC, BNB, etc. (do not support legal tender).

Binance app features
1. market enquiries: real-time understanding of bitcoin, Wright currency, ETH price fluctuations.
2. K line chart view: to provide a variety of professional bitcoin, Wright currency, Ethernet square (ETH) chart.
3. price early-warning: Customize price early-warning, pay attention to market price changes in real time and trigger early warning automatically.
4. notification box quotes: no need to open App, pull down can see the market.
5. mineral pool share: real time mastery of calculation force distribution.
6. block data: real-time view bitcoin network status.


Binance app software screenshot

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