Foreword Hello! There is still a month to the end of 2018! Design trends are also constantly changing. As a UI designer, keeping up with the trend is a must-have for us to keep our design advanced. However, as a trend forecast, we need to judge the actual property in… Continue Reading Designers Must Know The 2019 Design Trend

Many brilliant designs do not rely on too complex techniques, usually in the classic design or common layout line slightly adjusted to break a certain rule, thus impressive. This group of case works comes from Rishi Shah, Logo and UI designer of India. Elegant neutral color + bright and bright… Continue Reading How do I create a website for my small business? Using nine simple techniques make excellent

  A wise man is not worldly wise. The calendar is smooth and naive. An old girl Now, A girl’s heart is a word that people often talk about. We love girls who exaggerate the age of twenty or thirty: Expect and be curious about the future. Willing to make… Continue Reading Kinuko y. craft paintings: A 78-year-old girl who did only one thing in 54 years had a life as vivid, colorful and mysterious as her paintings.

As the saying goes, “be prepared for danger when you are in peace, thinking is prepared, ready to be patient, and dare to follow this rule”. Parents are sheltered in their schooldays, and the lack of self actuation in active learning is also reasonable. After graduation, when you enter the… Continue Reading Universal design for learning methods: for the beginner.

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Street graffiti artist OakOak: It’s the first time to see this interesting. OakOak French street artists He sometimes finds streets in a corner of a small city. Leave some very interesting little graffiti. For example, he will be at the corner of the city. Draw some sidewalks to decorate the… Continue Reading Street graffiti artist OakOak: It’s the first time to see this interesting.

Colored pencil drawings See these colorful lead works. The mood has changed. From artist Marat Utamuratov Sexy beauty, wonderful!—Colored pencil drawings by Marat Utamuratov Marat creates vivid paintings. Look at the contrast between these works and photos. It’s paste replication. Handsome, beautiful woman, a big wave. Colored pencil drawings by… Continue Reading Colored pencil drawings: So vivid, I still can’t believe my eyes.

Behind every successful man, There is an excellent woman. In fact, behind those beautiful paintings, There are also stories that cannot be explained. “lady godiva on horseback painting” The first time I saw this picture, Attracted by her beauty. Like many people, We only see the gorgeous women on horseback.… Continue Reading 《lady godiva on horseback painting》:Behind the world famous paintings, hidden human nature is unknown.

《Changing Batteries》: Countless people moved to tears.   The five-minute animated short film, 《Changing Batteries》, without a gorgeous lineup and texture, was watched more than 7.1 million times in the last few days, and many people were moved to tears. On an ordinary afternoon, Grandma was sitting at her desk… Continue Reading 《Changing Batteries》: Countless people moved to tears.

What colors look good together? Color matching skills are here. Color is an indispensable important “flavoring agent” in design. Color is the most sensitive element in vision. No matter what type of design works, color is used as an important design element to bring strong visual impact to people. Sense… Continue Reading What colors look good together? Color matching skills are here.

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  Nowadays, most of the design theories are very mature. It is natural for design tools to rely on mature design theories to construct. Many of the new design tools in this month’s Dry Collection are rooted in old theories, ranging from fonts to color matching. In the past, there… Continue Reading August 2018 design circle super utility dry goods collection

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Let’s take a look at the sharp ways of the masters. Every time we share PSD, we must not just download, but should take the time to learn, take a closer look at each layer of the big ones, see their production ideas and style application habits.

Everybody hoe friends, everybody! The fortress has brought you a big news today, when Dangdang — “Fortnite” pilot promotional film on the line, you come to see it!   How do you feel about its magic shooting style? The Castle certainly feels great, but what’s most interesting is the message… Continue Reading “Fortnite” August 17th National clothes open test!

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