Many brilliant designs do not rely on too complex techniques, usually in the classic design or common layout line slightly adjusted to break a certain rule, thus impressive. This group of case works comes from Rishi Shah, Logo and UI designer of India. Elegant neutral color + bright and bright… Continue Reading How do I create a website for my small business? Using nine simple techniques make excellent

  A wise man is not worldly wise. The calendar is smooth and naive. An old girl Now, A girl’s heart is a word that people often talk about. We love girls who exaggerate the age of twenty or thirty: Expect and be curious about the future. Willing to make… Continue Reading Kinuko y. craft paintings: A 78-year-old girl who did only one thing in 54 years had a life as vivid, colorful and mysterious as her paintings.

Colored pencil drawings See these colorful lead works. The mood has changed. From artist Marat Utamuratov Sexy beauty, wonderful!—Colored pencil drawings by Marat Utamuratov Marat creates vivid paintings. Look at the contrast between these works and photos. It’s paste replication. Handsome, beautiful woman, a big wave. Colored pencil drawings by… Continue Reading Colored pencil drawings: So vivid, I still can’t believe my eyes.

《Changing Batteries》: Countless people moved to tears.   The five-minute animated short film, 《Changing Batteries》, without a gorgeous lineup and texture, was watched more than 7.1 million times in the last few days, and many people were moved to tears. On an ordinary afternoon, Grandma was sitting at her desk… Continue Reading 《Changing Batteries》: Countless people moved to tears.

Drawing flower vector  with AI We’re going to draw a vector bouquet today. Of course, the bouquet isn’t the focus, it’s the text. Just like what I’m particularly fond of: it’s the only way to get started. No design has the power to evaluate whether it is difficult or not… Continue Reading Life is like summer flowers! Drawing flower vector characters with AI

What is design and development? After Sarah had explained some of her design principles to Jimmy, Jimmy was ready to start redesigning the new dashboard interface the client was waiting for. Meanwhile, his company, Shmuckle, is preparing to set up a new position as a product manager and will select… Continue Reading What is design and development? There are several more important things to choose.

Jarom Vogel tutorial Jarom Vogel is a free illustrator who is good at animation, design and development. Ins has attracted a lot of illustration enthusiasts with its unique style, serving customers such as Apple, Procreate, Harper Collins UK, Aquila Magazine and many other outstanding enterprises. Today, let’s let Jarom Vogel… Continue Reading Jarom Vogel tutorial–What is the design experience of the illustrator who works with Apple Corp?

Super Cool: 3d design drawing! Collected in Behance, works only for appreciation, author: Adam Spizak, copyright belongs to the original author. Future robot———-By 3d design drawing!   An unbeatable elephant ———-By 3d design drawing!   Cosmic Lion King ———-By 3d design drawing!   Eagle man ———-By 3d design drawing!   Cheetah Commander ———-By 3d design… Continue Reading Super Super Cool 3d design drawing!

How much money does an underwater photographer make? You should know the first. Underwater is different from the land of great beauty, there is also a fear of deep sea fear. Throughout the history of photography, who was the first to play photography under the water? Come on, get! Here… Continue Reading How much money does an underwater photographer make? You should know the first.

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  The designer in Airbnb Audemars Pigeut, which is the experience designer, may not differentiate between “interactive designer” and “visual designer” with some companies or organizations, in order to create value for users and improve user experience. This article is to share with you what difficulties and challenges I have… Continue Reading How can the newcomer interactive designer grow up quickly? Airbnb good hands to teach you!

  Recently interviewing a number of cross – domain designers from landscape to AI products, this is the first interview guest Shadow, a designer with ten years of work experience, full stack development, cross boundary from landscape design to AI product manager. ZILONG: Hi Shadow, would you like to introduce… Continue Reading From landscape to AI products, the designer developed a “China Merchants’ version of Luban” himself.

  Through the first two articles ” ui design newcomers how to receive private documents? Come and see the experience of the master! “,” ui designer after receiving the private list, how to quote? Here is the latest quotation technique! ” knowing how to find a private order and quotation,… Continue Reading How can you make a personal order quickly and make money? Come and see the old driver’s hiding process!

The trends in graphic design are changing every year, new technologies have emerged, allowing graphic designers to explore the unavailable, modern emotions, and the pioneers introduce the world to a more bold and unique design. And then pop up. Graphic design trends look no different in 2018, and graphic designers… Continue Reading The ten largest graphic design trends in 2018

  VisionMyEye: 6 years as graphic designer, from group enterprises to start-ups, from web designers to senior visual designers to design directors, and to today’s independent designers. Different design posts in different organizational structures of the company can be said to be self taught throughout the whole process of graphic… Continue Reading Experience summing up! How do you self-study graphic design?

  Preface: IKEA home as a world-famous home brand, its IKEA design APP makes use of human creativity, adding low input, high contribution value and high return to the product to make users do not know. It is a loyal fan of product brand. IKEA designs APP (effect) to give… Continue Reading Learn IKEA design APP (effect), give you a brand new design thinking!

  Take the YouTube product as an example to explain the application of the 7 laws of interaction design in YouTube. 1. Fitts’Law Fitts’s law provides a human body movement model, established by Paul Fitts in 1954, which can accurately predict the time needed for moving and selecting targets. In… Continue Reading Take YouTube as an example, let you easily understand the 7 laws of interaction design!

  Typeface is one of the most important elements in interface design. It can assist the transmission of information and the external expression of the text. The font can also express the emotional experience through its unique artistic charm and shape the brand image. This paper summarizes the importance of… Continue Reading 5 elements of the interface visual design

  NetEase UEDC – Wu Liang: visual designers often hear people say that they have products and design thinking, and that vision can not only focus on the visual level. So what are the aspects of design thinking? What do visual designers need to pay attention to besides their vision?… Continue Reading How should new people improve their design thinking?

  In July 20th, Adobe formally published the Adobe XD CC simplified Chinese version in Beijing, China. This represents the free use of the simplified Chinese version of the Adobe XD CC, a one-stop UX/UI design platform, for the design and prototyping of mobile applications and web pages, which will… Continue Reading Free Chinese version of Adobe XD