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5’1-5’8 is the perfect height. All of the 509 boys asked in a study said the exact same. Their reasons were that taller woman tend to be heavier, taller woman don’t wear heels much and women in heels is ‘a mans dream’, and taller women don’t tend to look good… Continue Reading The Ideal Height: 5’6” for a woman, 5’11” for a man | Perfect Height For Woman

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Do facial exercises. Chew gum and massage your jaw. Smiling is also beneficial for toning up facial muscles. Clench your jaw. Not so much that your dentist gets pissed off, because that wouldn’t be good. Eat healthy. Things like sodium can cause bloating, which can reverse everything else you’ve done.… Continue Reading How do girl make her chin more defined? Make jawline more defined.

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