Foreword Hello! There is still a month to the end of 2018! Design trends are also constantly changing. As a UI designer, keeping up with the trend is a must-have for us to keep our design advanced. However, as a trend forecast, we need to judge the actual property in… Continue Reading Designers Must Know The 2019 Design Trend

  Is it your gift? No, it’s your gift! Packaging Design Inspiration: Japanese toy maker Kitan Club has designed a lovely Valentine’s Day gift for cats. (feeling the conscience, whose gift is it?) Officials say there are four colors available for the cat’s love headset, made of high quality wool,… Continue Reading Packaging Design Inspiration:Look at what excellent works this year?

  A wise man is not worldly wise. The calendar is smooth and naive. An old girl Now, A girl’s heart is a word that people often talk about. We love girls who exaggerate the age of twenty or thirty: Expect and be curious about the future. Willing to make… Continue Reading Kinuko y. craft paintings: A 78-year-old girl who did only one thing in 54 years had a life as vivid, colorful and mysterious as her paintings.

As the saying goes, “be prepared for danger when you are in peace, thinking is prepared, ready to be patient, and dare to follow this rule”. Parents are sheltered in their schooldays, and the lack of self actuation in active learning is also reasonable. After graduation, when you enter the… Continue Reading Universal design for learning methods: for the beginner.

Sketch2code microsoft: Design sketches can change code quickly. What kind of artifact is the recent super Sketch2Code? How does it turn design sketches into HTML code? This article translates Microsoft’s official blog introduction to help you understand how this open source artifact works. The user interface design process involves a… Continue Reading Sketch2code microsoft: Design sketches can change code quickly.

  What is a dynamic UI? UI dynamic design, summary some basic rules What is a dynamic UI? Or UI dynamic design? Animation has now penetrated into every corner of the UI interface. The switching between screens is more coherent because of dynamic effects, and the context logic of interaction… Continue Reading What is a dynamic UI? UI dynamic design, summary some basic rules

  What are the user experience goals? That needs to relate to data. This article is from Any. do’s designer and shares some stories about UX design and product upgrade development. If product design improvements do not ultimately lead to data improvements, how will the product team look at this?… Continue Reading What are the user experience goals? That needs to relate to data.

Super Cool: 3d design drawing! Collected in Behance, works only for appreciation, author: Adam Spizak, copyright belongs to the original author. Future robot———-By 3d design drawing!   An unbeatable elephant ———-By 3d design drawing!   Cosmic Lion King ———-By 3d design drawing!   Eagle man ———-By 3d design drawing!   Cheetah Commander ———-By 3d design… Continue Reading Super Super Cool 3d design drawing!

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Recommend that you also put the commonly used components in a psd, such as the buttons are all placed in a psd, navigation, flip a page! When such projects are to be used, they do not have to blindly browse through PSD. This PSD collection will also be a trend… Continue Reading Very useful button collection (PSD source file)

Whether you want to make an interesting picture for your micro-blog, or do PPT and invitation for your own activities, professional graphic design skills can always help your design. There are many skills in graphic design, but there are so many cores. The selection and collocation of fonts, the layout… Continue Reading Gaining new knowledge! 25 epic level graphic design techniques to create a good design

  What is Coverr 2.0 release? If you still have an impression, I have followed the trend. Coverr, a library of free webpage background videos, was introduced to Coverr. Perhaps you will think: putting a movie in the webpage will not affect the loading speed? Because the network speed is… Continue Reading Coverr 2.0 release! More available free film materials for commercial use

  After a whole year of 2017 precipitation and summary, in recent designs, redesigns, and even small design redesigns, some of the forthcoming 2018 web design trends. On the web page In design, the 2018 web design trends will profoundly affect the next design direction of the designers. 1, 2018… Continue Reading Following these 10 trends, you can be outstanding in 2018 web design trends!

  Take the YouTube product as an example to explain the application of the 7 laws of interaction design in YouTube. 1. Fitts’Law Fitts’s law provides a human body movement model, established by Paul Fitts in 1954, which can accurately predict the time needed for moving and selecting targets. In… Continue Reading Take YouTube as an example, let you easily understand the 7 laws of interaction design!

  July is not only the highest temperature season, but also the highest month for designing and developing materials. Many well-known developers and organizations have recently introduced excellent tools and materials. In today’s dry goods collection, you’ll see the Sketch library from the WordPress community, new tools based on React.js… Continue Reading July 2018 front-end developer dry goods

  Advertising blindness refers to the tendency of people to ignore the phenomenon that they are (correctly or wrongly) regarded as advertising content on the page. This is also a well-known user behavior habit. Although the styles and forms of advertisements have changed, our recent research shows that advertising blindness… Continue Reading Want to improve the conversion rate? You have to understand the latest “advertising blindness” phenomenon.

  There are a lot of people who are not the origin of art design, but they have been transferred to designers because of their interests or other reasons (like me, computer science graduate, from programmer to designer). At the beginning of the transition, more or less will encounter some… Continue Reading Good experience! 25 steps make you a good designer!

Over the half of 2018, through the past 6 months of observation, we have been able to have a clearer judgment on the design trends of the whole UI field in 2018, and a more reasonable opportunity to launch this article. Today, let’s take a look back at some of… Continue Reading More than half of 2018 summed up the 13 main design trends for you.

  If you want to look for the right quality music sound for film production, game development, or user interface design, it’s usually long and expensive, and then you can turn to a music material library released by CC0, although the sound effect is less easy than the picture film,… Continue Reading Come to the music library later! Icon8’s official free material station

In the event of web design, the big trend always works on a long time scale, like the minimalist design style, and there seems to be no other design trend or style that can be replaced completely. In the large design style system of minimalism, designers can often add some… Continue Reading How is the minimalist web site designed? These 20 designer works are inspired by the website