In the twinkling of an eye, the New Year is coming again. I am planning not to return to my hometown for the New Year in the field. How does it make sense for my girlfriend to have a New Year? Let’s take a look.

Method / step

1. Prepare a romantic dinner:
To celebrate the New Year, prepare a romantic candlelight dinner for her, choose her own balcony and prepare her favorite dish. Get a few more bottles of red wine and relive the feeling of just pursuing her.

2. Greeting the New Year with your neighbors:
I can’t go back to my hometown and my relatives for the New Year. Just go to the neighboring hotel and have a big dinner together. The neighbor is the closest person we are in a foreign land. Be sure to get along well.

3. Go to see the fireworks:
In the New Year’s Eve, you can drive with your girlfriend to watch the fireworks. When the New Year is over, the fireworks will be very lively. Close your eyes and make a wish under the fireworks.

4. Traveling around:
Whether it is the New Year’s Day (New Year’s Day) or the Chinese New Year (Spring Festival), we all have time to rest. You can take your girlfriend around the holiday and take a look around the world.

5. Give the family a big cleaning:
New Year, call your girlfriend to give a cleanup at home, on the ground, on the walls, on the windows, don’t leave dust for a new year~

6, purchase new year goods:
During the Spring Festival, you can also go to the supermarket with your girlfriend to buy some new year’s goods, delicious rice cakes, seafood spree, and snacks that your girlfriend loves to eat. Buy more and come back.

7, sleep a lazy:
I usually don’t sleep enough when I go to work. When I go to work, I yawn, and now I have a chance to take a break, and take a good sleep with my girlfriend. Don’t set an alarm clock. Peace and happiness.

8. Enjoy two time:
The busy and busy life makes the two people usually have no time together. When they are in the New Year, enjoy the time of two people, and watch TV together in the bed and go shopping together.

9, go to see the parents:
If it is only a relationship between men and women, then the New Year is near, this node, getting ready for something, going to see the parents is also a good idea. If you agree, you can also run the wedding in the Spring Festival.