《Changing Batteries》: Countless people moved to tears.


The five-minute animated short film, 《Changing Batteries》, without a gorgeous lineup and texture, was watched more than 7.1 million times in the last few days, and many people were moved to tears.

On an ordinary afternoon, Grandma was sitting at her desk having a leisurely cup of tea when a sudden “bang” broke the long silence of the hut.

Grandma moved slowly to open the door, but maybe the courier couldn’t wait to look left and right, only to see a carton.—————《Changing Batteries》

After years of hard work, the old man finally dragged the box into the room.

Looking at it, it was the gift that the child bought for himself. “Sorry, mom, I can’t go home with you this year. This is a gift for you. ”

Grandma sighed.

Then she opened the box and her face was puzzled.

The child could not go home and bought a robot to accompany her.

A big round silver-white eyes, the little guy lovely, but also particularly capable, the home sweeping, cleaning glass, watering flowers, all by his hand.—————《Changing Batteries》

Perhaps with a slight resentment toward the child, the old man initially regarded the little fellow as a cold machine for work. Until an old man fell asleep, he woke up and found that the robot had put a blanket on her.

And the little guy was watching the circus show on TV, and he was very excited. The old man did not say anything, but he kept the details in mind.—————《Changing Batteries》

From then on she took him as her own child and ate together. The little fellow ate his mouth full of oil. Grandma patiently dried him.

After all, the little robot is a robot. When the battery is running out, grandma will replace him in time.

This thought that the years are quiet good, the two people since then can accompany to the old.

—————《Changing Batteries》

Until the day of the circus, July 5, 2012. That day the old man came out early and returned late, worried about the day’s little guy, saw Grandma came back and rushed forward to pick up the straw hat.

When I got home, my grandma’s cough became more and more severe. The little boy handed the hot tea on intimate terms.

Grandma was so happy that she took out a bottle from her bag and said, “Look, Grandma brought you your favorite drink.”—————《Changing Batteries》

The little fellow did not forget to act coquettish, reminding Grandma that today is July 5, the town has two people’s favorite circus show.

The old man slowly pulled out two tickets from his pocket. Grandma knew you loved it and was ready.

—————《Changing Batteries》

The little guy was so excited that he didn’t know what to say. He hurried back to the house to get Grandma’s straw hat and got ready to go to the circus.

But when she came back, she saw her grandmother lying motionless.

He thought Grandma had no electricity, so he quickly took a battery from the house and carefully put it in her pocket. Grandma still did not respond.—————《Changing Batteries》

The little guy got a little nervous and hurriedly brought all the batteries into Grandma’s pocket. Grandma did not move. The little one did not know how to save her grandmother. She cried in her arms.

Day after day, he still does all kinds of things in his family and waits for his grandmother to wake up.

Until his battery was used up, in a trance, he picked up the straw hat that grandma often wore.

—————《Changing Batteries》

Once again, “waking up”, grandma appeared miraculously in front of him.

The little boy looked at grandma and danced happily. After waiting for so many days, grandma finally came back to pick up the circus performance.

The story ends here.

A lonely old woman, a cold machine, seemingly no intersection, unable to communicate, but the two individuals with the passage of time, accompany each other, pay each other, slowly shorten the distance between the heart, so that no one can leave who.

To spend your whole life to take care of you, accompany you, the whole world, you are the only one. An observer of the details of life, dragging a sick body for dozens of kilometers, just to buy your favorite drink, simple and pure to please you.


This simple and pure world is rare.
No wonder the four girls from Multimedia University filmed the film as graduation works, weeping from beginning to end.

—————《Changing Batteries》


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