What colors look good together? Color matching skills are here.

Color is an indispensable important “flavoring agent” in design. Color is the most sensitive element in vision. No matter what type of design works, color is used as an important design element to bring strong visual impact to people.

Sense of color

1. sense of coloring

Color itself is not the difference between cold and warm. It is the mental association that makes people feel warm and cold by color. Warm colors – people see red, red orange, orange, yellow orange, red purple and other colors, immediately associate with the sun, flame, and other objects, produce a warm, warm, dangerous feeling. Cold color – when people see blue, blue-purple, blue-green and other colors, it is easy to associate with space, ice, snow, ocean and other objects, resulting in cold, rational, calm and other feelings.

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2. color sense of seriousness

This is mainly related to the lightness of color. The degree of brightness is brightness. High brightness of the color makes people think of the blue sky, white clouds and a variety of flowers, wool, etc., producing a soft, floating, rising, flexible and other feelings. Low brightness of the color is easy to associate with steel, marble and other objects, producing a deep, stable, landing and other feelings.

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3. soft and hard feeling of color

This feeling mainly comes from the lightness of color, and it also has something to do with purity. The higher the brightness, the softer the feeling, the harder the lightness is, the harder it feels, the white exception. Bright, low purity colors are soft and will remind people of animal fur and velvet fabrics. Colors of high purity and low purity are hardened.

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4. color sense of advancement and retreat

Because of the different wavelengths of different colors, it gives people a sense of advancement or retreat after imaging. Blue and violet light waves are short on the outside, and the same distance is the same. In fact, this is the phenomenon of visual error. Generally warm color, pure color, high brightness color, strong contrast color, large area color, concentrated color, etc. have a sense of progress; on the contrary, cold color, turbid color, low brightness color, weak contrast color, small area color, dispersion color, etc. have a sense of retreat.

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5. the sense of expansion and contraction of color.

Warm colors and bright colors have the sense of expansion and expansion. Cool colors and low lightness are small and have a sense of shrinkage.

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6. the sense of elegance and simplicity in color.

The sense of elegance and simplicity in color. The three elements of color affect the sense of elegance and simplicity of color. Among them, the purity is the most important. High brightness, high purity of color and strong contrast color gives people a sense of gorgeous brilliance; low brightness, low purity of color, simple, weak contrast of color gives people a sense of simplicity, ancient and elegant. But regardless of any color, if add luster, can get gorgeous effect.

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7. the sense of liveliness and solemnity of color.

Warm color, high purity color, rich and colorful, strong contrast color feel jumping, lively, vibrant; cold color, low purity color, low lightness color feel solemn and serious.

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8. the sense of excitement and calm of color.

Cool colors such as blue, Lan Zi, blue and green make people feel calm and calm. Green and violet are neutral colors. Color excitement and quiet and purity of the relationship is also very large: high-purity color excitement strong; low-purity color gives a sense of calm.

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Color matching method

The basic symbolism of all colors:
Red represents enthusiasm, vitality, bold and unrestrained, warmth, happiness and auspiciousness.
White represents purity, simplicity, wisdom, sanctity and refreshness.
Black represents authority, lofty, solid, mysterious, serious, rigid keys.
Brown represents brightness, magnificence, excitement, sweetness and happiness.
Purple represents elegance, elegance, dignity, simplicity, elegance and sentiment.
Grey represents neutrality, negativity, melancholy, indifference, and indifference.

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Green represents peace, youth, softness, freshness and calmness.
Yellow represents sunshine, happiness, brightness, nobility and hope.
Orange represents active, bright, gorgeous, excited, happy.
Blue represents peace, reason, depth, eternity and stillness.
Pink represents romance, love, innocence, loveliness and naivety.
Gold represents honor, inspiration, wealth, glory and glory.

Homochromatic color

This is a simple and easy way to match colors. That is to match the same hue and lightness. Dark red and light red, dark green and light green, dark grey and light grey. The matching coat and the lower garment will produce a harmonious and natural color beauty.

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Adjacent color

It is to match the similar colors on the chromatogram to produce a harmonious effect. Such as red and yellow, orange and yellow, blue and green color matching. In this way, the brightness and purity of the two colors are best staggered. For example, with a darker blue and a lighter green match or with a medium orange and light yellow match, you can show a change in the harmony.

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Main tone

With a primary tone as the basic color, and then matched with one or two or several secondary colors, so that the color of the whole picture primary and secondary distinct, complement each other. Use this kind of color matching method to pay attention to: use color not to be too complicated, messy, use as little as possible, use skillfully. Generally speaking, there should be no excessive color change, no more than three colors. Color should not be too stacked, too much color, it is too flashy and vulgar.

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Different color phase

This method is often compared. In different colors, red and green, yellow and violet, blue and orange, white and black are contrasting colors. These groups of colors, both mutually opposed and interdependent, produce a strong aesthetic effect while attracting the visual sense. Therefore, bright color contrast can also give people a sense of harmony. If red and green are strong contrasts, improper collocation will be too harsh and blunt. If you add a little white, black, or gray color between them, you can make the contrast gradually excessive, and produce a better visual feeling. Either red or green are white and light red and light green.

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Contrast color

That is, the contrast of color brightness and colourful collocation can make a sharp contrast. There are contrasts of hue, brightness and saturation. Among them, brightness contrast can give people a sense of clarity and lightness. In fact, generally speaking, as long as there is brightness contrast, color matching will not be too failure, always give people a refreshing feeling, such as yellow with purple, red with green, blue with orange and so on.

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Several reasonable color schemes

1. black + white + grey

Black and white can create a strong visual effect, and in recent years will be popular gray into which to ease the black and white visual conflict feeling, creating a different style. The collocation of these three colors is filled with the cold and modern sense of the future.

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2. blue + Orange

The combination of blue and orange colors shows the intersection of modern and traditional, and gives a visual feeling of both surreal and retro style. Blue and orange originally belong to a strong contrast color system, but in both sides of the chromaticity has changed, so that the two colors can give space a new life.

3. blue + white

The use of white, on the use of blue to match, people associate with the clear sky floating white clouds, people feel very free, it seems to integrate themselves into nature, mind suddenly open-minded.

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4. yellow and green

Using goose yellow with purple blue or tender green is a good color matching scheme. Goose yellow is a fresh and tender color, representing the joy of new life. Green is the tone that makes people feel calm. It can neutralize the yellow light pleasure and let the space be steady.

Color schemes are far more than the above. We should be good at finding and summarizing when designing. The variety of colors, people bring a variety of psychological feelings, if you want to express a warm, stimulating effect can use red, orange, because red, orange can make people feel emotional impulse.

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Use green if you want to express a quiet, vibrant effect, because green represents peace, hope and relaxation; use blue if you want to express a melancholy effect, because blue gives a sense of depression; and if you want to express a mysterious effect. To use purple. Different colors also make people think differently, red is easy to remind people of exciting things; white, blue is easy to think of the sky, there is a sense of freedom.



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