If you want to look for the right quality music sound for film production, game development, or user interface design, it’s usually long and expensive, and then you can turn to a music material library released by CC0, although the sound effect is less easy than the picture film, but most of them are classified and marked. Sign and preview function enables users to find the sound material they need faster. Before introducing a lot of related free resources, I suggest that I know the way of the website before starting with any material, so that it will be more comfortable in use.

The recommended “Fugue” is a new free music material library. The plan developed by the Icons8 team is more critical than Audiojungle (another free music library), and is cheaper than the Hans Zimmer music. In fact, it is completely free, and the user will be able to make a free exchange with a link as a free exchange.

Fugue contains a lot of music material, mainly with a certain length of music, according to the different themes, schools and mood to distinguish, users can direct online preview and listen, Fugue web page has a player function at the bottom, listen to the music you like at any time to click the next “Download” button download files, no need to download. Registration, in the format of.Wav.

As a matter of fact, I’ve been listening to Fugue free music for several hours when I write this introduction. In fact, I put it on to play it automatically and hear a lot of good music. Fugue music has a pretty good quality. If you are looking for free music, you can find a treasure here, or add it to a bookmark.



After opening the Fugue site, drag the page down to find all the categories of music, according to the three categories of major categories, subject, school and mood, find subcategories from it, and then mark the number of music at the end of the classification.

All the music material in the Fugue will include the cover, the title, the original author, the label, the length and the speed of the music. There will be a playback button on the top of the album. There is a download button at the back of every musical material.

While playing, you can also click the “Download” button at the lower right corner to download music.

The music file format downloaded from Fugue is.Wav, and the download speed is fast. It does not need to register or login account.

If you have any music material on the Fugue web site, remember to set a link back to the website, and Fugue will directly display the example of the link, and the choice of copy can quickly get the way.

Three reasons worthy of a try:

1. A free music library provided by the well-known icon website Icons8.
2.Lots of free high quality music can be downloaded in.Wav format.
3.When used, links must be added to the original site.

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