I’ve been having an affair with a girl for a long time. I don’t know if it’s because she’s one year older than me that she often says I’m immature. A few days ago, I confessed to her, she did not agree, said I am not mature enough, we are not suitable. But chat with her, reply is OK, ask her, she will still come out, sometimes she will grab the bill for dinner, really do not understand, she just want to make friends with me, or what does it mean?


There is a saying: don’t talk on your lips. You are very honest.
Even if she refuses you, you get a clear score. Is she really rejecting you or is it a false refusal?
Chat is OK, appointment also comes out, she has not blocked all opportunities, you still have hope, if she does not return your news, also can not make an appointment, that is no chance.
She likes you in the heart. I don’t know what I like about you. Though she refused your confession, she did not hang you up as a spare tire, and did not want to take advantage of you.
Willing to go out with you and pay for it with you shows that she has no intention of playing with you, not for your sake, but for your sake.

She refused you, probably because she thought you were immature and worried about many problems after being with you, so she might as well not be with you.
So you need to think about whether you are childish and immature when you are with her. If this is the case, it is necessary to improve, otherwise, even if you are together, there will be various problems.
What kind of man is mature before?

Mature men have these signs:

Empathy, empathy, empathy, empathy, knowing what to do, what to say, what to do and what to say will bring harm to others.
2. Self-emotional management, not allowing others to become victims of his emotions, not slaves to his emotions.
If you encounter difficulties and gain or loss without complaining, you will take the initiative to find ways and solutions. There are always more ways than problems. If the difficulties are too big, you will break down the big problems into several small ones one by one.
You can self-examine your behavior. Is it lack of empathy, emotional, and sometimes too much negative energy?
Women don’t like men who are too naive in love. Otherwise, it’s like taking this child with her. She’s busy working every day, but she also needs to take care of your emotions. She’s too tired.
In short, before you know your problems, you will gradually improve and become a man, not a little boy.

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