What is Coverr 2.0 release? If you still have an impression, I have followed the trend. Coverr, a library of free webpage background videos, was introduced to Coverr. Perhaps you will think: putting a movie in the webpage will not affect the loading speed? Because the network speed is fast, as the background of the film are using automatic replay, in fact, not too slow down, can also achieve a fairly good dynamic effect. If you’re looking for something like this, you can go straight to Coverr and maybe look for some inspiration for background movies from the gallery.

Now that I have introduced it, why do I have to introduce it again? Since Coverr was first modified three years after the opening of the station, the original plan was not expected to have such influence and traffic, but as more and more film materials went online, more users chose to search for free films here, and the development team thought it should make it better, so there was a Coverr 2.

The most important thing for Coverr 2 is to finally join the search function, and a Vertical Videos classification, which may be useful for some mobile users, of course, improvements in web design, while adding more than 100 new film materials, and Coverr will update seven new films on Monday. . If you want to contribute your own movie and let others download it for free, the Contribute function will also be updated.

The Coverr website contains a number of free film materials that can be used for the background of the web. These films are licensed in a similar way to CC0 and are free to use for commercial or non commercial purposes without authorization or requirement to mark the source of the source. With the constant updating of these years, users can now find many movie resources in Coverr.

The categories included in Coverr include food, mood, nature, science and technology, art, characters, cities, animals, animations, aerial views and vertical (straight) films. After downloading, it can also refer to the code examples provided by the web site to quickly embed the film into the web.

Coverr 2.0 release

Website link: http://www.coverr.co/

After opening the Coverr site, you can find the relevant film material directly in the search box, and drag down to see the latest film, with a row of categories that can quickly screen the film. If there is no idea, just browse from the front page, and then change pages, there will be many previews of the film.

You can preview the film by selecting the film, and click on the top right corner “Download Free” to download the film file. There is a row of label links below, which will be useful for the search for related films.

Choose another “See As Coverr” to insert the film directly into the background of the Coverr home page, and let you preview the actual results in the web page. For friends who want to use the film in the background of the web, it is very good to use this function.

One of the features of the Coverr 2 reversion is to add a vertical (straight) film, that is, a film made with a mobile phone, which may be useful on some web pages, which is rarely seen in the general free film library.

The site also provides examples of the original code, including the HTML, CSS and JavaScript parts, as long as the film is downloaded to your own server, links, and into the program, you can use the movie dynamic background effect on the site.

Three reasons worthy of a try:

A large collection of free video materials that can be used in Web settings.

The film can be freely used for personal or commercial purposes without the need to indicate the source.

The webpage provides basic HTML, CSS and JavaScript examples.

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