Many brilliant designs do not rely on too complex techniques, usually in the classic design or common layout line slightly adjusted to break a certain rule, thus impressive. This group of case works comes from Rishi Shah, Logo and UI designer of India.

Elegant neutral color + bright and bright colors.

Color is usually the design element to catch the eye most quickly. Neutral colors such as black, white and grey, whether in pictures or patches, often create a high-level and quiet atmosphere, while choosing a lively brightening color, such as bright yellow, can break this atmosphere, add a layer, if used to carry the core information, can let users quickly understand the primary and secondary. This design is not only efficient but also elegant. By How do I create a website for my small business?


Single color matching + breaking the routine typesetting

Monochromatic color matching is also a popular way of color matching in recent years, such color matching is simple and intuitive, more importantly, can highlight the typesetting. In this case, unconventional typesetting can gain and highlight. Longitudinally arranged Titles, author names blocked by edges, fine lines for visual guidance, and ornamental color blocks for emphasis at the lower left all reinforce the layout of the page. By How do I create a website for my small business?


Unified color + clear visual focus

Cohesion is the theme of this design combination. Unified colors make the whole page look very centralized, and focused elements allow all visual content to be designed around it. Titles, auxiliary explanatory text, interactive buttons, etc. are unified under a unified design idea and goal of planning and design. By How do I create a website for my small business?


Classic layout + scattered interactive elements

Breaking rules, or breaking conventions, is a common design idea, but usually only breaking one convention. Breaking too many rules and habits can lead to confusion. Under the classic left and right layout, the addition of less regular, orderly interaction elements, can make the design maintain the classic appearance at the same time, it is more lively and interesting, and will not make people feel too jump off. By How do I create a website for my small business?


HD map + beyond the boundary layout

It’s nice to use a large HD image that occupies the entire screen, but with more pictures showing up at the edge, it’s better to attract the user’s curiosity, which is more interactive than just flipping the button from left to right. This asymmetrical layout, combined with highly formal headlines and digital elements, will look more elegant as a whole. By How do I create a website for my small business?


Full screen big picture + compatible function linear element

High-definition maps are full-screen, and display fonts are also classic headlines, but in many cases they still make people feel monotonous. The addition of linear elements not only does not obscure the image as the main visual body, but also can enhance the sense of form, if properly used, but also as a visual guide, enhance interaction, guide the user to click, very useful. By How do I create a website for my small business?


Monochrome website + highlight color image required.

Monochromatic websites usually have one color, but adding a couple of obviously full-color images to a monochrome site can be very eye-catching, but it also makes them very noticeably attractive to users. The design also follows the “break a rule” design strategy, provided, of course, that your design objective is to highlight the content of these pictures. By How do I create a website for my small business?


Clear layout + slightly typed layout

Layout design, pictures, text, buttons and other elements, need to follow the “relevant close” rule to group layout, such layout will appear logical and easy to understand. However, in maintaining such a visual clearance.  At the same time, let the typesetting slightly wrong, can make the page elegant and lively enough, not too simple and rigid. By How do I create a website for my small business?


Simple style + stagger layout along the middle line

This is also a good design that can be made on the basis of common adjustment and minor adjustment. Under the simple style of pure white background, arrange the text and pictures along the left and right sides of the middle line. There is no need to deliberately ensure that the right and left sides are aligned accurately. By How do I create a website for my small business?


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