Choosing the right color scheme has always been a headache for designers, especially the color sense is not good enough for small partners, often inadvertently matched to the scene of a car accident, and Party A’s demand runs counter to.
Today, the artifact team brought you color matching website – Color Supply is a collection of design gods around the world color scheme, for designers and babies to be assured that bold food, and color matching errors from now on say goodbye.
Website link:
First, open the website.

Drag the color wheel bar with the mouse, the color card scheme provided next to it will change with the value of the color wheel. After playing several times, I feel like I am turning into an old driver who uses the color wheel to drive the wheel.

The website also provides the most common and practical 5 color matching methods according to the color design theory.
There are complementary colors with high saturation visual effects and comfortable adjacent colors, which enrich jumping tritones, split complementary colors and four tones to meet all your needs for color matching effects.

Compared to other color matching sites offering color cards for routine operations, ColorSupply is simply the world of color matching artifacts Wei Zhanglu! It also provides icon color matching effect display, convenient for designers to preview the color card in the actual use of the effect.

Not only that, ColorSupply can also preview tile patterns and color value cards online, as well as different color gradients. ​
No more tests on the next batch of color cards.

The color value can also be directly copied, which is very convenient. ​

As long as the color scheme is changed, the entire website can be previewed in real time.

In the same color combination, there are different brightness, saturation color scheme, suitable for different design scenarios.

I wonder if the careful designers have found the dots around the color cards.

This is also one of the flashpoints on the site. Click on the color card where the dot is located, and the designer who provides the color card will be shown below.

Click on it to get a glimpse of the designer’s personal homepage and his works.

If you are a novice designer or a sense of color, don’t miss such a practical and convenient artifact. This site does not need to register, the screen is simple, functional and practical, grasp to experience a picture without a straw stick color pleasure bar.