As a specific means of graphic design, typesetting is essentially the treatment of the relationship between elements in the picture.
The elements in the picture include composition, color, font and so on. The relationship refers to the distance between them, size and area, color matching and so on.
Some foreign designs have been shared before and highly respected. Even a lot of people clamor for Chinese characters in the background. The implication is that Chinese typesetting is inferior to English typesetting.

What? How can this be tolerated?
It’s time to design a typesetting testimony for Chinese characters.
Do you know?
The typesetting of Chinese fonts can make the page look more beautiful on the basis of ensuring readability.
Whether it is art text or paragraph text, as long as you can properly handle the relationship between words and characters, words and lines, paragraphs and paragraphs, paragraphs and layout can make your typesetting more brilliant!
Here I’ll show you some typesetting beauty of Chinese characters.

Material design for Film Festival

Is this typesetting enough to culture? Good layout, the use and integration of graphics is perfect, high-end atmosphere, high-grade that is my Greater Chinese characters ah!

Chinese poster format

Chinese fonts combined with Western sense of form, all of a sudden the taste is high-end.
Chinese composing on the hinge is also very delicious.

Hongkong’s Chinese magazines are very foreign.

And the cover design of Nie Yongzhen’s Chinese is also very modern.


The Chinese typesetting of other excellent designers is the aesthetic deduction of Chinese.


Is this “Chinese style” layout more beautiful than the icy folds of foreign countries?

Which of these Chinese typesetting is not beautiful?

Without English, the design of Chinese characters is not enough international.
Can Chinese characters be rich and heavy?
So many angles of Chinese layout design, finally see China is beautiful! Did you enjoy your eyes?
So, don’t say that Chinese typesetting is not good. In the final analysis, layout design or brand design is not necessarily English or western style. The good English font is only full of “local flavor” in front of white, so it still depends on the designer’s ability.
If in the processing of information logic, picture elements, word distance, font size, color, sense of order and other aspects of the comprehensive ability to have a good typesetting, there will be a good design work. If you think of your design very low, it’s just because your design hasn’t arrived home yet.
Typesetting is the top priority of design.
Only by learning typesetting can you create your own visual effects flexibly.