What is the average salary of a designer? How can a designer get a raise?

In fact, no matter what position or company you are in, “reporting” or “exposure” is a challenge you can’t get around. Every quarter or fiscal year ends, or the nomination and promotion defense, the team understands your work in this way and evaluates you.

Usually, the designer’s day-to-day work is more fragmented – as resource side and downstream, we often dock multiple demanders at the same time. This led designers to agonize the night before the final report: maybe last quarter’s work was too fragmented to form a single line; maybe more effort and less effort was needed to dig out the value of the design; more often, even “what to do” was what the product manager told you…By What is the average salary of a designer?

Finding a problem – > setting a strategy – > executing a landing – > results validation, such a well-known problem-solving path, in daily work is so difficult to achieve.
To this end, we need some “insurance” at each stage to ensure that the final “report-oriented design” is completed.

1.  look for problems: try to reduce information asymmetry.

Information asymmetry is an absolute rule of survival, even if we look at the whole society and the whole industry – who occupies the information highland, who occupies the advantage.
In the stage of finding problems, you must have problems to find. This means that you need to use your boss’s words to determine the direction of the team this year, read your colleagues’weekly newspapers every week to find out what they’re doing, and use the time between smoking and eating to buy coffee to communicate your work experience… The most feared thing is to work behind closed doors and work hard, and do not know where others are running.
Everything is difficult at the beginning. Finding the right question is probably the hardest part. In the process of finding a problem, whether the key points will determine the future value of your future.
If you’re dealing with an irrelevant issue, you can’t blame your boss for not giving you a raise. If the business you are responsible for is not important enough in itself, at least find the relatively important point in it. By What is the average salary of a designer?

2. strategy: stay in the pipeline.

There are many ways to solve problems, and the degree of understanding of them determines the accuracy of your strategy. Usually, I suggest that at least 2~3 strategies should be carried out at the same time. After all, unless you’ve mastered the rules of winning from the start, you’ll still be on multiple tracks, and there’s still a way to make sure that one direction fails.
Use the Mutually exclusive and collectively exhaustive principles of the Pyramid Principles to identify problems and strategies, and you should have at least one of these in mind. By What is the average salary of a designer?


3. execute the landing: step by step to keep an eye on the target and avoid interference.

This is the most important part of the whole process, not because the implementation of landing is difficult to do, but always staring at the target glasses is very difficult. Too many people have been diluted by tedious work over the course of months. I have two tricks for this.

First of all, from the first day of the project, you begin to do your “report” PPT and update it every week. Think back to the ideas reported in the past: Tell your boss what you’re focusing on solving, explain the reasoning process of your strategy, present the results of your work and the results you’re ultimately getting. Now that you have completed the first two steps, you can quickly write the first few pages of PPT. For a sense of ceremony, you can even spend some time designing the PPT style, which saves a lot of follow-up time looking for templates.

Then, every week after work is done, update your PPT. You’ll find that you don’t spend 100% of the week solving the initial “goal problem” and you may have a lot of time dealing with emergencies and chores.

At this point, all you need is focus. If this doesn’t fit into your “Goal Question,” it certainly won’t write PPT first, and more importantly, you need to think about how to meet the minimum requirement in the least amount of time – 60 points, no mistakes, enough, we don’t need highlights.

By updating the PPT weekly and quickly completing problems that aren’t relevant to the Goal Question, we can help us make progress every week, even in circles, and help us further raise our focus and drive on the core issues. By What is the average salary of a designer?

4. result verification: set the verification goal ahead of time.

One of the things you should think about when you go back to asking questions is what it is worth to prove it. If you’re dealing with low sales, you need to figure out how much sales you’re ultimately increasing; if you’re dealing with efficiency, you need to express how much labor it took to do it, and how much it’s now; and if you’re dealing with the number of users, you need to tell people how many percent the user has increased.

Keep in mind that the target should be written in the first few pages of PPT, and should be written at the very beginning. At the same time, be sure to keep track of the initial target data for the project: click-through rate, number of users, turnover, cost of labor, etc., and make sure you have a way to get that information again after the project is over.

I have seen too many designers in the completion of the program, not to find that forgotten before the revision of the data is what, not to forget to remind the development students to leave a buried point, resulting in no access to the information after the revision, a small loss of merit…

Through the above four steps for the tips, can help you in your daily work to complete the final report PPT, no longer need to answer the eve of the white hair want to wrap ideas.

Personally, I find it most difficult to find problems because information asymmetry is extremely difficult to eliminate, especially across your rank. Focusing on problems in landing execution is the most important, because it is a habit that can be developed through deliberate training, and can yield quick results. By What is the average salary of a designer?


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