In the UI world, many of the outsourced content items are clear, such as making a modification of the APP interface, with 10 interfaces, an APP startup icon, as well as development cutouts and annotations. The price quoted by the customer is to be detailed, how much the interface is and how much the icon should be listed.

Moreover, if it is not for the project experience, the time forecast is absolutely very large deviation, often too little prediction. On the one hand, it is a misjudgment of their own state, on the other hand, it is not guaranteed that the customer will act according to their own communication ability.

Even if the first two are solved, and the last one, the wage-based outsourcing, while seemingly cost-effective, is too conservative. Most junior designers, whose salaries are already low, make less money by quoting in this way for a long time, and the growth of the process is almost equal to zero. Talking about quotation is a very interesting thing, in order to achieve a leap in revenue, guns for guns, you must learn about the skills and methods of quotation.

For individuals, the quotation has a lot of room for fluctuation, because it is not a relatively open competitive market, everyone’s prices are similar, the space for operation is small. Our advantage is the asymmetry of information. Most of the time, others don’t know our salary, we don’t know the actual project investment time, is it a direct use of ready-made templates and so on. So the price of each private bill should not be equal.

It is the budgetary scope of the client that decides the price of the private list.

When you want to buy a product you don’t understand, it’s usually the psychology that you have a rough budget range, or price anchor. Lower than it is, you can not see, much higher than it, and give up directly. The same is true for customers. It’s impossible to spend money on a service without a mental budget, although many times when you ask the other person and say you don’t know, it’s naive to believe it.

The first thing to do is to get a clear idea of the customer’s price expectation. If you don’t understand, you get higher and lower.

A few days ago this happened, girlfriend uncle (large enterprises) need dozens of very simple CAD drawings, on the following level. Because he has not contacted such companies, his girlfriend recommended her own indoor girlfriends.

She simply assessed the difficulty of the task, the average working time of a map is less than an hour, very easy, so the price should not be too high, given a price of 200, the whole set is completed than their monthly salary is higher!

Then, the offer was directly disliked by his girlfriend’s uncle, only to quote a little money, looks like water. So Baidu found a local company and finally delivered it at a price close to 2 thousand.

Many people may find this kind of thing ridiculous. Why not cheap? This is the role of price expectations, some customers are really not bad that tens of thousands of dollars budget, is to spend the money directly in exchange for corresponding services, but at this time you want to be honest to help others save money, it will never produce too good results, you will only feel that your service is not good.

Transposition thinking, like buying a car, if the budget is adequate, more than 30W, then you will only look at the car when the price is similar or upward model, even if the magic car flying speed, Civic performance-price ratio seconds per second air, will not be in the customer’s choice.

Of course, not all customers do not pay attention to price and price performance, but also to the point of haggling. Therefore, the first thing to do is to know how to think in a client’s position.

1. How can a designer quote:customer type

I simply classify the types of customers into the following categories so that we can understand our customers’ ideas.

1. God plays the role.

It’s the type that wants the horse to run fast and not feed the horse. It always wants the wolf without a glove. It doesn’t want to spend more money and it wants to produce more.

2. price oriented

We want to meet the demand with the lowest budget. But this is different from the first type. There are several reasons. First, the budget is not enough, so the result will not be too strict. Two, the demand is very urgent, not so much time to slowly polish, make it happen. Three, projects are irrelevant and time is not urgent. Design is dispensable.

3. quality oriented

That is, the quality of the design work to a higher requirement, and know that it will cost a higher price to achieve this result.

4. people are stupid and many money

Similar to the previous case, the budget for the project is adequate, but there is no clear concept of quality. Make sure that the output is not too bad to spend so much on.

God-Played Customers, they will not put both sides in the same position, just want to maximize the benefits from the designer (on our opposite side), if it is not lack of money crazy, it is so that customers will directly ignore, do not waste time to do, because the harvest is absolutely not proportional to pay, insist When you hit a gun, don’t complain about being tortured by Party A.

The difference between price-oriented customers and the first is that they know that the budget is proportional to the outcome. Usually the pursuit of low prices is to get designers to do things quickly and simply, without the need for a bunch of high-impact proposals or extra budgets.

Quality-oriented customers are concerned about the level of design, if the gap between the level and the other side’s requirements is too large, it will only end up without disease, or into the stage of repetition and revision.

People are silly and have lots of money. They are lucky. Although they don’t have too high requirements for the quality of their works, they are interested in value-added services and premiums. Whether things can be done properly and effortlessly, whether the service before and after makes customers feel particularly comfortable, such customers will pay special attention to interpersonal relationships, and it is necessary to communicate and communicate solemnly in the early stage. Yes.

It is necessary to have some experience accumulated in order to master the type of customers in the early stage. Usually, we need to explore the project’s content, deadlines, quality requirements, and budget scope during the start-up phase of the project. The first three are basic categories. The hardest part is how to figure out the budgetary scope of the client.

2. How can a designer quote——Confirm the budget

The client’s budget, the most direct is to tell you directly, of course, this is a very small probability, more cases are waiting for you to report, and then compare their budget.

Therefore, people do not say, we will have to test!

I used to do a design for the first version of APP, and I would look for close cases that could be my own or friends. Choose the one that’s good but expensive (sometimes deliberately raising the price), and choose the one that’s simple but inexpensive. Then, when estimating the cost roughly, you’ll pay the customer to see how they react.

If you say yes, then there is a great probability that it is a quality oriented or a person with a lot of money. The subsequent operation is easy. If it is too expensive, ask why it is too expensive, and whether it is not enough. Let’s look at this case again and see if it’s easy to do it within the scope of the other party’s acceptance.

The high price represents the profit ceiling I want to get in this outsourcing. For example, 20 pages, I want to make 50,000, then I will take the average page price in more than 2K cases, and the quality of the work is really good.

The lower price, the average page price is around 500, except for the lower quality case, and for me it is very easy to complete the type. In addition to taking it as a lower limit, another important reason is that it is a bait. When customers first look at the quality of expensive design, and then at the cheap, they will be against the production of cheap sentiment.

Leigh Caldwell said in “price game”:

We don’t want to make extreme choices – we love compromise and balance, thinking that it reduces our chances of making mistakes. This is sometimes called the Goldilocks effect. When there are three choices, the middle one becomes attractive regardless of its value.

So it is more likely that we can lure them into this price range, which will be more directional in our subsequent specific quotations.

Of course, both the upper and lower limits of the test are adjusted to suit the customers. Those who look rich or large are on the high side of the whole, and those who start businesses or small businesses are on the low side.

One thing we also need to understand is that we don’t need to produce designs at our highest level. The extra function of the low price as a reference is to figure out how well the design works are accepted by customers. As long as it’s price-oriented, you should know that it’s less difficult to make it to meet the requirements, and the estimated time spent should be reduced.

If low prices and low quality are unacceptable, and there is an attitude that I want to cheat him, then this kind of customer is God’s play to me, and will politely refuse or directly introduce to other friends.

3. How can a designer quote——Case

Use my previous case to make a reply. Customers find that I want to make a product homepage, specifically for overseas customers to see and contact manufacturers. Only a single page is needed to fully display the details of the product and have corresponding contact information for others to find. In addition to the corresponding information, we need to include the front end.

I looked for an expensive case first, because the old record has been lost over a long period of time, roughly like the links below show the content of such, need 2-3W budget. The other side immediately said that it was too expensive, because this page is temporary, to be quick, whether independent production does not matter.

Then I sent a second case in the past, which is based on a set of templates made out of the case on-line, the price of about 2-4k. The other party readily accepts the quality or price of the product. So we can be sure that this is a price oriented customer.

Finally, I quoted a price of 3K, took less than a night, took a similar set of ready-made templates to change delivery, successfully completed.

There are a lot of similar cases, if I fixed the price according to their own hourly cost, then the income will be a lot of shrinkage! So, first make clear the customer’s budget, quality requirements, and then adjust their working hours to maximize profits.

4. How can a designer quote——Quotation list

With the price expectation of our customers, what we should do is to give the detailed quotation list.

What is a quotation list is to list the details of the services we offer, together with the corresponding prices and total prices, just like Taobao shopping cart, telling customers where the money is spent. Don’t throw a total price at will, it will be very informal.

The list is also part of the confirmation requirement. If it’s an APP interface, I’ll list all the details of the interface to mark the price. If it needs to be cut or maintained later, I’ll list all of these items, so that the number of tears can be reduced.

The detailed quotation in the list is based on the total price. I will write down the approximate total price according to the customer’s expected price, and then split it into each detail according to the weight. So I didn’t know how much it would cost to design a page at the very beginning. Given the total price first, we have a single page price.

Quotation list can not only be a subsidiary document of the contract in more formal projects, but also better display our service professionalism and enhance customer trust in us. I recommend that any designer who wants to outsource for a long time to earn extra money, prepare a template for a formal quotation list that looks professional, and just fill in the content each time the quotation list is officially given. For example, I am going to do a simple case below to understand the meaning.

Ultimately, it’s up to the customer to decide what kind of feedback they’re going to get from the list.

5. How can a designer quote——Settlement process

After the price is settled, the final step in the implementation stage is to confirm how to settle accounts. If it’s a good conversation and the atmosphere is harmonious, and the client already has full confidence in my business ability, then I’ll ask the other party to pay 20-30% in advance. If you want the other party to pay 50% or more at a time, then in the customer’s position, without a friend’s guarantee or know the root of the matter, the risk is too great, it is impossible to do so.

And collecting advance payment does not mean that we have to finish everything on the list at the same time. The relatively benign settlement process is divided into batches. Because there is a quotation list, so 20-30% advance is the corresponding list of this magnitude of content, I will complete this part of the content at this stage so that the customer acceptance, if the other party confirms, then prepay the second stage of the money, and then do, to be divided into several stages of acceptance on the specific project decided

If the customer doesn’t have a complete conversation and refuses to accept direct prepayment at the initial stage, you need to make a basic sample to see if you can meet your requirements. So, as long as it’s not God’s perspective, sometimes you have to give something first and don’t conflict. Although there is a risk of white-hot work, but doing outsourcing is doing business, business risks, such risks can not bear, such as iron cocks, not competent customers ask you to design, or do not touch outsourcing.

As for how to ensure that the customer does not disappear before each delivery, it is necessary to confirm the form of acceptance with the customer at the beginning. We don’t need to give each other the source file or tangent at the beginning, the completion of the part, in fact, only need to QQ screenshots to send past confirmation, or watermarked export simple arrangement of JPG.

Such a diagram is enough for the customer to see our design results clearly and can not be directly applied to the project. After the other party has paid the money, we will issue specific documents. Because since we have designed, there is no reason to accept money not to deliver design documents, the money behind does not earn, so customers see screenshots to confirm the money is relatively easy to convince.

Following this line of thinking, we can complete the whole project smoothly by paying for the results at each stage. Even if the middle customer suddenly fails to do so, we can minimize our losses.

How can a designer quote——summary

Quotation is a game process between Party A and Party B in the early communication. Most of the designers who have seen this answer do outsourcing belong to the buyer’s market, that is, customers take the initiative, so we must start from the customer’s position and analyze, and gradually get used to this set of quotation process, rather than using a set of fixed formula to eliminate the possibility of more profits. Sex, so you can’t master more skills of quotation.

Finally, it’s important to stress that if you’ve been contacting customers with only a few thousand quotations and a lot of chores to do, you must stop and reflect on yourself. Is the level not improved for a long time, and is the circle of contact too low?