Whether you want to make an interesting picture for your micro-blog, or do PPT and invitation for your own activities, professional graphic design skills can always help your design.
There are many skills in graphic design, but there are so many cores. The selection and collocation of fonts, the layout of the rules, the rule of white space, said to be complex, combing up is not particularly much. So let these 25 epic techniques help you bypass the design pit and create truly memorable works.

01. Manage your fonts

Make sure you choose a more readable font, too many font types are squeezed together is also very difficult to recognize, try to use a simple and coordinated combination of fonts.
In this case, only a font family named Aileron is used, it is a serif type, with a simple and modern aesthetic sense of the whole style, and the font family contains a variety of word weights and variants.

02. Don’t be afraid of magnification

Enlarge the contents that need to be emphasized, such as fonts and shapes. Properly coloring, so that the part that needs to be highlighted looks great, in this case, I use the word “Scale” in Releway font, because the font is more honest, clear, and magnified, it looks very volumetric.

03. Control the distance between each element

The word spacing of the word “Respect” is compressed so that the whole word becomes more cohesive. In typesetting, the spacing of various elements needs to be adjusted according to the actual situation. When the content is more, it can be tightened appropriately, and when it is less, it can be relaxed appropriately. Spacing needs to be taken into account in terms of basic readability. It is difficult for people to read too far and too close.

04 wise selection of color matching

Selecting the different hue of the same color system can maintain the overall consistency. The difference in color brightness can bring contrast to color matching, delicate text needs dark background, which is why I use light green, sharpness and readability in the text of the case.

05 clean, clear, clear

Enhance readability by enhancing the contrast between text content and background images. Usually, the use of pure black and white text can achieve this more conveniently.

06 fonts have feelings, too

Make sure that the font you choose and your content remain consistent. The rounded fonts look more friendly (the Quicksand used here), the edges and corners look more tough (like Sans Serifs), and the serif looks more elegant and delicate.

07 use alignment to create order

Alignment and symmetry are the means to make design works more orderly. In contrast, the range of alignment is more extensive. In this case, the straight line on the left outlines the edge of the alignment, which improves the integrity of the design.

08 keep simple

Keep it simple, but don’t forget the most basic principles. Use contrasting color matching and use a stable and balanced typesetting framework.

09 replication is the essence of multi page document design

If you’re designing a multi-page document, the easiest way to do this is to copy the page, replace the images, and edit the text. Use line embellishment to maintain consistency of styles.

10. originality and creativity

Like research, graphic design skills and thinking require originality and creativity as well. You don’t necessarily have to use everybody’s fonts and styles to avoid fashion and explore your own style, making your design work different.

11. combing content with layers

Arranging content and information more hierarchically is the most important part of visual design. To adjust the colors and proportions of the elements in your content, you can see how important it is in the overall vision.

12. symmetry is also useful

Many excellent design works will make full use of symmetrical techniques. When using symmetrical techniques, ensure the symmetry of both sides in visual thickness.

13. Let your eyes relax every now and then

7 to 24 hours of struggle is outstanding, but it is hard for you to maintain and maintain continuous creativity. Proper relaxation can help you recover efficiency and generate inspiration. When you leave your computer screen in a timely manner, you will often see surprises.

14. use the same family font

To make text typesetting highly conformance, the best way is to find a set of font family with various types of word weight and font, which ensures diversity and consistency. Here we use bold, slit and italic in the family of Libre Baskerville fonts.

15. great white

Blankness will give the design elements enough breathing space and give users room for imagination. It makes the content more centralized and easy to read, and will not distract users from messy.

16. first research, and then start

Before you start designing, make sure that you have all the requirements and all the details. Research, read and collect material. The collection of material allows you to control enough facts and content, and research ensures that the design is the result of careful consideration.

17. create emotional boards

Before the design, focus your collection of pictures, color boards and other visual works on the whiteboard so that you can find inspiration, find common features, themes, and palette, and eventually apply it to the project.

18. imitation and creation

Use websites such as Canva, Dribbble, and Behance to browse other people’s works, search and filter to find works, styles, and styles that meet your needs, and build their own works in imitation and creation.

19. pay attention to what is happening

Design is not divorced from the existence of the times. No matter what area you are focusing on at the moment, be sure to pay attention to what is happening, keep a keen awareness of the new trends, and from social media to news politics, the latest and most important information will be of benefit to you.

20. jump out to think

Design is not divorced from the existence of the times. No matter what area you are focusing on at the moment, be sure to pay attention to what is happening, keep a keen awareness of the new trends, and from social media to news politics, the latest and most important information will be of benefit to you.

20. jump out to think

The effect of contrast is a truly impressive part, using a filter to improve the contrast of the picture, to use black and white to present the most exciting details, and to make a difference with the difference in size, which are all contrasts.

22. illuminate your design

Create dramatic conflict in the design, inject different emotional tones into the design, and use confrontation and conflict to make your design unforgettable.

23. portable notebook

Whether you’re on the train, at work or before bed, inspiration flashes out at any moment, so it’s necessary to be prepared. Use sketches to record your thoughts at any time in your notebook. Maybe it’s the core idea of your next important design.

24. dare to try and make a mistake

Everyone makes mistakes, and mistakes are important means to gain experience, learn and grow. If you want to push your design to the extreme, trial and error are inevitable.

25. Skill is important, but not the only one

Arranging all kinds of elements, selecting words, matching colors, ensuring contrast and leaving blank are all skills. But technology is not the only important thing. You have to be brave enough to innovate, break the rules in time, and bring forth new ideas.

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