The great outdoor advertisements. 50 of the world’s most famous creative outdoor advertisements 丨part 4

Today, with the rapid development of the Internet, the form of advertising keeps pace with the times and is added to a variety of high-tech. We have seen a lot of visual shocks of advertising blockbusters, various H5 technology, frequent screen-brushing network marketing cases.
“Outdoor Advertising” seems plain, but the visible signs, T stations, walls, printed posters and so on, still show its stable position.
Actually, creative outdoor ads are no less likely to be screened than online ads. Today, copywriters open a database to share the world’s classic creative advertising cases with their craftsmen. Maybe some of you will be familiar with, “This is not a certain brand used it.” Yes, these IDEAs are still fresh today. By The great outdoor advertisements


31, Chevrolet “penny billboard”

Effective interaction allows you to maximize the value of your billboards and, in the meantime, trigger multiple social media outreach. By The great outdoor advertisements


32, car wash ads

The disadvantage of the wall pillars is creatively processed into advantages: the wash picture is split into two sides by the pillars, the pillars become car wash brushes, a car full of mud through, it becomes a new car, wash how clean, at a glance! By The great outdoor advertisements

33, BBC outdoor advertising

BBC appeals to local residents to let cable company add BBC world channel to their channel.
This is a scene-based advertising scene, the wall of the graphics is pulled from the residents of the cable composition, let people see access to the BBC channel can go straight to the scene of the incident. By The great outdoor advertisements


34, McDonald’s “sundial”

This outdoor advertisement is also very famous, Leo Bernard’s creative billboard for McDonald’s “sundial”.
A clock was set on the roof and a McDonald’s food was digitally placed every hour, and the ad worked best. By The great outdoor advertisements


35. Nike

Nike places treadmill billboards on the streets to encourage pedestrians to exercise and, depending on the mileage runners run, will donate money to UNICEF.
Nike built the billboards into a treadmill for real interaction, which is now commonly used in many activity schemes. By The great outdoor advertisements


36. IBM smart earth

IBM Intelligent Earth makes billboards a part of people’s lives, such as sloping billboards on stairs that facilitate suitcases, billboards that transform into stools, billboards for rain shelters…
This group of advertisements won the outdoor awards of the 2013 Cannes Advertising Festival. By The great outdoor advertisements

37, Bigelow organic tea

The billboards aren’t necessarily square. You see, cup-shaped flowerpots become advertising carriers. Plants flourish under the moistening of organic tea. You can keep them in mind without copying. By The great outdoor advertisements

38, Sparring Partner gym advertising

Only with creative brains can all the scenes be used by billboards. By The great outdoor advertisements


39. National Geographic

Very lifelike 3D visual advertising, located at the escalator down the stairs, let people first see the frightening, then remember the characteristics of National Geographic. Wonderful! By The great outdoor advertisements


40, dog cleaning products

Large advertisement pictures laying on the ground of shopping malls show people looking down from every floor: Passing pedestrians become “fleas” on dogs, and the slogans are perfect. By The great outdoor advertisements


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