Best outdoor advertisements: 50 of the world’s most famous creative outdoor advertisements 丨part 5

Today, with the rapid development of the Internet, the form of advertising keeps pace with the times and is added to a variety of high-tech. We have seen a lot of visual shocks of advertising blockbusters, various H5 technology, frequent screen-brushing network marketing cases.
“Outdoor Advertising” seems plain, but the visible signs, T stations, walls, printed posters and so on, still show its stable position.
Actually, creative outdoor ads are no less likely to be screened than online ads. Today, copywriters open a database to share the world’s classic creative advertising cases with their craftsmen. Maybe some of you will be familiar with, “This is not a certain brand used it.” Yes, these IDEAs are still fresh today.

41. Windex glass cleaner

The effect of the detergent is self-evident. By Best outdoor advertisements


42. Razor in Solingen, Germany

Without the ads, the giant razor itself became a billboard. Under the billboards, a lot of rubber pigeons were cut into segments, indicating that the birds were cut in two, showing the razor’s sharpness. By Best outdoor advertisements

43, dental care

The advertising poster in dental clinic is really extra. By Best outdoor advertisements

44, Cadbury’s “giant chocolate billboard”

45, Tesco supermarket

In a crowded public place, Tesco packed pillars into shelves, instantly attracting pedestrians. By Best outdoor advertisements

46, deadline for express “self destruction” road sign advertisement

47, McDonald’s

McDonald’s turns billboards into jigsaw puzzles for passers-by to take part in. Imagine, in the boring process of waiting for a bus, there is such a billboard beside you, can you not spell it? By Best outdoor advertisements

48, Adidas

This is Adidas in the European Cup during the construction of a 60-meter Ferris wheel giant advertising, very visual impact! By Best outdoor advertisements

49, smoking cessation website advertising

The pillars are used to create creative advertising, and the billboards on the site that crush the giant cigarette end are clear on the theme of the site. By Best outdoor advertisements


50, Penline tape

This is also an outdoor advertisement that won the Cannes Prize. You see, billboards can be fixed with tape. Penline must be quite confident in their products! By Best outdoor advertisements

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