Interactive outdoor advertisements 丨50 of the world’s most famous creative outdoor advertisements 丨part 3

Today, with the rapid development of the Internet, the form of advertising keeps pace with the times and is added to a variety of high-tech. We have seen a lot of visual shocks of advertising blockbusters, various H5 technology, frequent screen-brushing network marketing cases.
“Outdoor Advertising” seems plain, but the visible signs, T stations, walls, printed posters and so on, still show its stable position.
Actually, creative outdoor ads are no less likely to be screened than online ads. Today, copywriters open a database to share the world’s classic creative advertising cases with their craftsmen. Maybe some of you will be familiar with, “This is not a certain brand used it.” Yes, these IDEAs are still fresh today.


21, Liquor advertising

The ingenious combination of the plane world and the real world. By Interactive outdoor advertisements


22, BBC road signs advertising

Creativity for interacting with the environment is obvious, and this billboard, which uses only the corner, is equally brilliant. The story depends on two sides, impartiality, which is what BBC wants to tell you. By Interactive outdoor advertisements


23, Oreo’s “solar eclipse” billboard

Who says traditional billboards can’t catch up with hot spots?
Oreo did a good demonstration, using the “solar eclipse” hot spots, the outdoor advertising and hot events to interact, simple billboards, ingenious creativity unlimited. By Interactive outdoor advertisements


24, Nike advertising

A super outdoor billboard with a sense of strength. By Interactive outdoor advertisements


25, Donatos pizza advertising

The ad uses Benz Audi’s outdoor ideas to combine two outdoor ads, a pizza ad, a model ad, two-way bonus points! By Interactive outdoor advertisements


26, Colorado automotive advertising

Very intuitive 3D advertising, rear end is not worth it! By Interactive outdoor advertisements


27, Prestige Omega tableware advertising

This interpretation of outdoor strength creates conditions without scene conditions, and the pillars of an antiaircraft gun advertisement become part of the advertisement. By Interactive outdoor advertisements


28, McDonald’s BLACKBOARD MENU advertising

In the outdoor road signs advertisement, it will make people shine. McDonald’s directly put the blackboard newspaper in the store on the billboard, which is novel and unique. By Interactive outdoor advertisements


29, Anando milk

In the children’s world, Anando milk will give them enough energy to realize their dreams and become a superhero. By Interactive outdoor advertisements

30, Rolex


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