As a graphic designer, one of the most exciting aspects of my work is to explore new trends in visual design. The continuous regression of graphic design elements and new trends are constantly merging, creating new results, new perspectives, new designs in their new works, bringing vitality to the design.

In the field of graphic design today, 5 design trends are very prominent, and I will introduce them one by one, and help you to help you better by explaining these trends through the latest designer works.

1. 3D ancient statue elements

It’s hard to explain how this trend is going to happen, but more and more designers are starting to use the ancient statues or similar things of 3D as visual materials, whether in poster design, web design, or other graphic design. If you want to emphasize contrast in your design, create authenticity, creativity, or convey a sense of wisdom and elegance, the ancient statues of 3D can all have a good effect. If your whole design adopts a minimalist style, the ancient sculpture elements combined with 3D can make the whole very interesting.

Zero posters | Magdiel Lopez


Cadabra Studio

2. organic graphics with a trendy gradient

Pictures and illustrations are one of the most commonly used elements in visual design. As more and more designers are getting tired of the conventional geometry, it is becoming more and more simple to use various tools to build organic and changeable graphics, and designers have begun to use this element in a large number of designs. The combination of organic graphics and gradation is cheap and rich in fashion sense and organic sense. This is why it is popular.

This combination of organic graphics and gradual color can create a sense of science and technology, the sense of organic nature, and also the idea of innovation. Therefore, both the design poster and the screensaver are good choices.

Apple Iphone X screen | Baugasm

Aleksei Vasileika

3. tonal color matching

Two tone matching is much longer than we think. Initially, this color matching method originated from the early expensive double color printing in the printing industry, which was later popular as a fashion fashion, accompanied by a branch of the distortion effect. Today, the use of two tone matching in design can create a visual style of pulling out at a very low cost. In the past few years, Spotify’s extensive application in poster design, coupled with the popularity of retro style in recent years, pushed the trend of color matching again.

Usually, designers can create such effects by means of gradient mapping in PS. If you want to make the effect more prominent, you’d better use a single color background.



Pofo portfolio theme


4. tearing and collage effect

Tear, collage, alteration, scratch and burnout of the destructive effects often make the vision of the whole design full of an alternative aesthetic feeling. This design style is more free and easy to follow. Many designs are more unique, and the design of peace and elegance is quite different.

This style of design is more modern, with the help of the conventional design elements, through dismantling and combination, and then creating, making a new expression, creating an extraordinary design vision.

Paula Scher, a famous graphic designer, once said, “minimalist design is like making a room clean, but what I need is another expressive way of expression, a more creative spirit.” Is the collage design not so?

Coloraxia | Andrei Cojocaru

5. Mondrian

In 1921, Piet Mondrian created his most famous work, “Composition with Red, Yellow, Blue, and Black”, which later became the classic in abstract paintings, using three primary colors and clear lines to stimulate the designer’s inspiration.

Nowadays, the concept of Piet Mondrian structure has been reborn in webpage design, and is also called “Mondrian doctrine”. This design style emphasizes more clearly and clearly the rectangular layout and the simple and loud application of color, while also echoing the spirit of responsive design.

Piet Mondrian


Zac Nielson



Design trends come and go, always changing. Popularity and timeliness are its greatest values. At the right time, the trend will be half done. I have recently noticed a new design trend that uses the same picture material in the foreground and the background, and the two layers are combined with the sheared mask to create a clear and hazy beauty. In my opinion, this design trend also has great potential.

Maybe it’s going to fire tomorrow.

Benny Benassi & Sofi Tukker — Everybody Needs A Kiss

Matúš Kováč