After a whole year of 2017 precipitation and summary, in recent designs, redesigns, and even small design redesigns, some of the forthcoming 2018 web design trends. On the web page
In design, the 2018 web design trends will profoundly affect the next design direction of the designers.

1, 2018 web design trends focus on asymmetric grid

The time of perfect symmetry has passed. Although split-screen designs were a mess of fashion in 2017, this trend began to change with the gradual precipitation and evolution.
The symmetrical layout of the symmetrical layout has no expressive force, which leads to the gradual popularity of asymmetric grids in the 2018 web design trends.
To make asymmetrical designs more effective, designers need unique elements that make the overall design balanced enough under an asymmetrical grid. 2018 web design trends under the overall layout
Blank, the visual elements such as text and picture need to be rationally matched, while attracting users, they will not be out of balance.
The grid is also an essential part of this 2018 web design trends. Though asymmetrical as a whole, the constraints of grid enable each element to perform their duties and not to arbitrarily arrange it.
Put it out of control.

2, 2018 web design trends has more bright colors.

Neon coloring has been a real hit in the last two years, and for now it is still very strong at the forefront of fashion. For flat design and Material Design, bright colors
Color is also a very important component.
2018 web design trends, without flattening design, bold and bright colors are always attractive, they attract people to design and focus on design. If the bright colors are used well
To create a unique atmosphere and temperament for websites and APPs, creating a fascinating mood and experience.

3, 2018 web design trends bottom suspended solid elements

Small ads, once popular at the bottom of APP and mobile web pages, are beginning to appear more and more on the desktop side. The more interesting part of the 2018 web design trends is that it appears more and more.
The more it’s not just advertising, there are dialog boxes, pop-up boxes, notifications, and even navigation bars.
The user’s reading habits make this position at the bottom not the first time to enter the user’s vision, but it is the main field of vision, and it does not have obvious visual aggression and is easier to be accepted. cover
The content of the suspension fixed at the bottom of the screen is more natural than the large area of advertising and the top advertisement will come. It will not cover the main content and be more effective.

4. Voice interaction and semantic search in 2018 web design trends

What you can imagine is that 2018 web design trends will not be 100% pure vision, which will more or less design audio.
From designing an interface that can be “heard” to a search tool that understands natural semantics, voice input will become an integral part of web interaction. As far as it is, the technical natural language and
The semantics are not so easily understood by the computer, and the corresponding technology is not so popular, but in 2018 web design trends, the more the voice interaction and the semantic search will be, the more
As it becomes more and more popular, perhaps you need to pay attention to the direction of these technologies so that you can use them in future projects.

5. Dynamic graphics of 2018 web design trends

Although in the past 2017, sharp polygons and diverse geometries have a high frequency in the web, but we can observe 2018 web design trends, combined with dynamic effects.
The soft graphics of the fruit are becoming more and more popular.
The design elements of smooth edges are natural evolution of polygonal elements. Most of the polygons appear in flat, two-dimensional form, and with more and more dynamic effects appear in the web design, with three-dimensional.
The dynamic graphics of the effect naturally become the minds of web designers.
Similar to the polygon, the smooth dynamic graphics have obvious adornment, the improvement of the style and experience of the web is very clear, but the difference lies in the trend of the dynamic graphics is more fashionable, without sharp edges and corners.
More affinity and motion.

6. 2018 web design trends has subtle animation

Small and delicate dynamic effects can not only delight users, but sometimes even surprise them. Dynamic efficiency is now an essential part of webpage and UI design. They can also serve users.
Provide information and actively guide user interaction.
In the web design trees of 2018, the dynamic effect itself is not to hide the loading process and the data processing process, but to emphasize the motion itself.
Whether hovering triggered dynamic pictures or seemingly complex illustration effects, they are important means to facilitate user interaction. In order to make full use of subtle dynamic effects, designers are in use.
Follow some of the most basic rules: stick to a dynamic technique, keep realistic as far as possible, imitate the physical laws of the real world, do not act as a dynamic sound, and try to ensure that the dynamic effect is reliable.
Too slow to allow the user to expect it to be completed.

7.  2018 web design trends contains SVG pictures

Scalable vector graphics are increasingly being used in webpage design. The SVG format is a lightweight vector image format. The size of the image in this format is usually not too large, and whether it is large or not.
On screen or small screen, pixels can be perfectly rendered.
Whether 3D pictures, dynamic pictures or logo LOGO, SVG can be well displayed, it is the future of image format. This is indeed a highlight of the 2018 web design trends.

8. 2018 web design trends compatible with desktop and mobile screen display

Split screen design is also the design skill of 2018 web design trends. Split screen design allows designers to better take into account the desktop and mobile terminal experience, because the display of content is more free.
It can split merge stack display, make content presentation more consistent and experience more controllable.
Although many of the early sub – screen displays are customized for different platforms, today’s screen design has been relatively perfectly combined with response design.

9. 2018 web design trends to achieve more rolling effect

Parallax scrolling has become so popular that some designers have begun to circumvent this “fashion” consciously. But that doesn’t mean you need to roll around.
In 2018 web design trends, it is quite a good way to drive users to participate in interaction by rolling dynamic effect. Proper mixing of some parallax effects can often achieve remarkable results. For example, the above
The Doggo for Hire page cleverly uses parallax scrolling effects.

10, 2018 web design trends pays more attention to the white space under non minimalist wind.

Many excellent designs are achieved by leaving blank. But many times they compromise because of design requirements and can not use the simple design style. But it’s still good to keep white, by adding more.
The color and design elements keep the proportion of blank and increase the fullness of the whole design. In this case, there are many blankness, and the elements surrounded by blankness will also be prominent and not crowded.
Design Calendar this website is doing more prominently in this respect. The website uses a colorful background, although the content elements of the page are quite numerous, but blank has created enough breathing sense.

With the emergence of new requirements, new trends and new design techniques emerge every year. To make their designs in 2018 web design trends out of date, designers need to pay close attention to the trend.
The change. In the face of the new situation of 2018 web design trends, every designer can not turn a blind eye to it.


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