Everybody hoe friends, everybody! The fortress has brought you a big news today, when Dangdang — “Fortnite” pilot promotional film on the line, you come to see it!


How do you feel about its magic shooting style? The Castle certainly feels great, but what’s most interesting is the message that Fortnite’s uniform will be open for testing on August 17. Are hoes burning at such an important node? Come and let Fort burger feel your passion!

An extremely crowded bus slowly entered the station. In the airtight wall, a little black man struggled to get to the door. The moment he jumped off the bus, he quickly transformed the camera into an ingenious combination of reality and fiction — the bus turned into an airbus, and the passengers jumped down in the form of hoe zong, a trailer tailored for Fortnite.

But the bigger surprise, undoubtedly, is the ending of the film’s “August 17, the national uniform open test,” reminding viewers: this popular overseas online game, although has already started to participate in extremely relaxed restrictions on the test, but this time, means that “Fortnite” finally to all waiting for the national uniform of Chinese hoe friends. Welcome with open arms.

Yes, in August 17th, “Fortnite” national costume open test waiting for you to fight!

Since July 24, “Fortnite” national uniform test, the game has set off a “hoe the earth” boom in China. Feedback from the outside gamer community suggests that the number of topics related to “hoeing the ground” is growing, whether it’s asking for a team to “blackout”, recruiting for a limited test qualification, or “sprouting” to solve doubts.

Fortnite’s popularity is on the rise, and it can be seen in the live broadcast of popular games. Fortnite has become a popular live program on the major live broadcasting platforms because of its high entertainment and enjoyment.

Watching and hot topics, attracting more and more star anchors to participate in the “Fortnite” has become the game’s “tap water”. In recent days, many hoe friends found that veteran star anchors, such as Wuhu Dasi Ma, Hey Shi, Abbot Bill, Asahu Baby, have started their own “hoe Zong” career! The magic of Fortnite can be seen.


With the approaching of August 17, Airbus will officially depart. Are you all ready, hoe friends? Fort burger is looking forward to meeting you in the game. Let’s get together and hoe together.




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