Now everyone knows that looking for a graph can go to a free gallery. If you don’t want a low – quality, very standard – looking picture, you can search through a library tool that has artificial intelligence like PickPik, Everypixel, or Imaiges to find more suitable materials for use in design and development or in the community. Pictures are easier to find than films or music sounds, and it’s easier to make it. It’s more time consuming to make a scene, shoot, or later, so the website that is willing to offer free film is not as much as it can imagine.

The “Videezy” recommended in this article will provide a lot of free high quality HD and 4K movie materials. The theme should be classified, and the number of films should be more than thousands. But not all of the films on the Videezy site are provided free of charge, and the materials labeled Pro must be purchased to download, and a lot of free downloadable films are available.

Like other film material sites, Videezy also provides search, classification and other functions. In order to ensure the best efficiency and speed of browsing, the film can be previewed first, then the film player is opened, the film is viewed directly from the line, and the format, resolution and frame rate (FPS) will be marked.

It is important to note that if you download the free film material from Videezy, it can be used in personal or commercial use, but free use must mark the source of the source, if the payment is not restricted, the detailed billing method can refer to the purchase page.


After opening the Videezy, you can enter the movie keyword to search directly, or go to the classified page, similar to the feeling of a retrieval page, and find all the film classifications from here.

From the film classification page, all the preview of the film material will be seen. It is important to note that there will be a part of the sponsorship sponsored by the sponsor (the vernacular is advertising, and the purchase of Videezy in the past will benefit), and below is the real material for the website. The green Pro on the upper left corner is the payment material, and the rest can be downloaded for free without registration.

Directly from the film detailed page can be played online, preview, below will be marked format, resolution and frame rate, it is recommended to download the film before selecting “License Info” to view authorization information.

Click the right button “Free Download” to get the original file.

As mentioned earlier, Videezy is labeled as green Pro for a film material that must be paid to download, usually downloaded once to 1 credit, depending on the amount that is purchased each time, and the cheapest can reach a single point of $4.90.

Three reasons worthy of a try:

Provide thousands of HD, 4K movie material free download, themes are classified.

They are divided into free and paid materials.

Suitable for personal or commercial use.

Photo material Author: Razvan Vezeteu

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