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The 2018 Russian World Cup (2018 FIFA World Cup) is the twenty-first World Cup football match. The competition will be held in 12 venues in 11 cities in Russia from June 14, 2018 to July 15th.

It was the first time the world cup was held in Russia, and the world cup was first held in Eastern European countries, and it was held again in Europe after the world cup in Germany in 2006.

I believe you have seen the logo of the 2018 World Cup and may like the font “red 2018” written in Russian.


Well, the question is coming. Do you know that every world cup will customize a special font? And part of it will be provided free of charge. Today, I want to pick up the exclusive fonts of the last four world cups.

1. The world cup in Germany in 2006

Font name: fifawelcome

The name is very friendly, isn’t it?

Font Copyright: free of charge

This font was widely used in the theme poster design and publicity at the 2006 World Cup in Germany.



2. 2010, the world cup in South Africa

Font name: Menyaka

Font Copyright: FIFA WORLD CUP 2010 Official custom font

No use is available.

The 2010 South African World Cup Official font Menyaka, the designer was Jan Erasmus born in clensta, South Africa, and Menyaka was Jan Erasmus designed for the world cup of the FIFA World Cup in January 2007.


3. 2014 Brazil World Cup

Font name: Samba

Font authorization: free of charge

A very special font design is actually a font of the font, and the name is so Brazil.

4. 2018 Russian World Cup

Font name: Dusha

Font empowerment: personal and non commercial free


Dusha was designed by Portuguese Design Institute Brandia Central in 2014.




























5. Emphases of Authorization

Here’s a clear font authorization:

2018 Russian World Cup font, Dusha personal and non commercial free.
2014 Brazil World Cup, Samba free.
2006 German World Cup, fifawelcome free.
2010 South Africa World Cup font, Menyaka custom font, not available. However, in order to satisfy everyone’s use, Xiaobian has found a very similar font, SAF, which is free of charge.

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