Gal Shir, the net red plug artist on Ins (110 thousand concern), the popularity designer on the chasing wave (60 thousand fans), you get the official authorization of his illustrations. You can see the Gal Shir YouTube, Gal Shir Illustration and Gal Shir Color for the first time, today’s exclusive exclusive interview for you. The mysterious veil of the designer. ​


What makes you choose to be a designer? Can you talk about the related growth experience? What is the gal shir color?

Gal Shir(Gal Shir Illustration):

I have been painting since childhood, and I have always been passionate about color, shape and design. At the age of 13, he contacted Photoshop and began to teach himself graphic design. At first, it was to make simple designs for some friends and small businesses, such as wedding invitations and business cards.

Later, they began to find different customers on the Internet, set up their own websites, understand the market, gain experience and enrich their resumes. Then, as a designer, I joined some design studios. In the last few years, I like to work with some entrepreneurs to help them communicate their ideas better through user experience, illustrations, and animation designs.


We see that your painting video is very calm. Would you have a draft before that? Can you tell us about the inspiration and draft process of your illustrations?

Gal Shir(Gal Shir YouTube):

I think painting can make people calm. When I need to relax or empty, I can draw and graffiti. The indispensable inspiration in real life, including people, cities and nature, will become the source of inspiration for triggering my creativity. Sometimes I will browse through works such as Dribbble, Behance and Instagram to get inspiration.

My painting process usually begins with a concept in my mind. I will try to conceive of the interesting effects, composition and stories in my mind, and then “freeze” the moment in my brain and draw it into a sketch. When drawing for customers, the story must be interlinked with the concept of the customer’s product. Painting is the best form to communicate with the customer and explain the idea of the company, which includes illustrations, icons and dynamic effects. Then, choose the right color to create the atmosphere I want to achieve. Sometimes this sketch process will take several hours to adjust, and finally start painting.


In the specific production process, what kind of drawing process do you follow and how to carry out specific color matching? Where do these lovely inspiration come from?

Gal Shir(Gal Shir Color):

The first thing to focus on on new drawing is composition. I always pay attention to and need to ensure the rationality of the location and size of the drawing objects. When choosing colors, I often get color inspiration from websites such as Color Hunt, where I can find the right, latest and fashionable color combinations. After creating the basic shape of the drawing, I will go into details, modify shapes and add shadows, Gao Guang and texture. I have videos of these specific processes.


What advice can you give to the designers who are learning illustrations, do you have any artifact that you think is easy to use, or do you recommend books that are most inspiring to you?

Gal Shir(Gal Shir Tutorial):

I believe that any skill can be learned. Persistence is the key to improving skills. I find it necessary to have a little exercise every day. I suggest that novice designers fill their environment with something that inspires and inspires them. In social media, they focus on illustrators, designers and artists, watch video about design, read articles, and study as much as possible.


There are many people who are interested in your work. We want to know if you have any plans to make a tutorial.

Gal Shir(Gal Shir Tutorial):

Yes. I’m uploading tutorials on my YouTube channel and videos about design, illustrations and upgrading career skills. (we can learn about the latest trends and contents of the tutorial.


We are very interested in your office environment. Can you show us your worktable?

Gal Shir:

Delta Gal Shir worktable

Thank Gal Shir for bringing us this design live broadcast. We also look forward to better communication and cooperation next time. At the same time, he will invite the outstanding designers both at home and abroad to share their true creative process at the first time.

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