In international clothes, a large number of Fortnite5.2 versions of Galaxy skin have also been formally launched. In addition to the skins of racers previously revealed in the excavation documents, there are many other race drivers who have beautiful skins!!

Fortnite 5.2 Galaxy skin update, adding a large number of characters Galaxy skin and props Galaxy skin, and are very eye-catching! Epic simply go to a clothing company. Guaranteed sale! The characters include panda suits, racing gloves and so on.

In addition, there are a variety of back ornaments, weapons and props, and so on, is also very beautiful, people want to see the money ~

And the highlight of this Fortnite Galaxy skin is our galaxy skin! The first dynamic special effects character Galaxy skin! You can see more details of this galaxy skin through the video below.

I’m sure more castles will look forward to this cool, dynamic Fortnite Galaxy skin after watching the video, but there’s some sad news… The English name of the skin is Galaxy, the name of Samsung’s flagship mobile phone line.

Combined with the upcoming news from Samsung’s Galaxy S9… you may need to buy an S9 to have this skin… you know, $1,000 to start with… but it’s also possible to just buy a Galaxy series to make a model, so that college students can keep an eye on it.

Epic may inherit the fine tradition of TX, and Galaxy skin is better than everything else. This time, the excellent degree of this galaxy skin has been thoroughly incisively and vividly. One word: krypton! Two words: krypton explosion! Three words: get online!

According to the convention, the 5.2 version of the national uniform will be updated soon, so these Galaxy skins should meet with you soon in the national uniform, nothing to say, and the krypton explosion of V coin, no V coin waiting ~




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