Before you learn the trick of attracting women, look at the behaviors that make you instantly lose your attraction and keep the goddess away.
The reason you lose your attraction to a goddess is often not because you are not tall, handsome or rich, but because you have made ten very fatal mistakes.
These ten mistakes, I can assure you, have more or less been made by normal men, and because of these mistakes, missed the opportunity for further development with the goddess.
Immediately enter the topic, list the cause of your attractiveness.

NO1: be a “good” person.

Did you find out?
All attractive women are not particularly enthusiastic about those men who are very nice to her.
I believe you must know the “bad man” who has a very attractive woman around him.
Why is that so? The reason is very simple.
Women don’t judge whether a man is “attractive” because he is “good” to her. Women are attracted to a man because of an instinct.
It is too good for women to ignite the passion of a woman and produce that powerful and instinctive attraction.
This does not seem logical or difficult to accept. But you have to accept it.
Even if a woman doesn’t have the right partner, there’s no guarantee that she will choose you, and you’ll have to be a spare tire at best. When she finds a man who is attractive, she immediately chooses him to give up your spare tire without breaking off contact with you.
You must accept this fact and try to change yourself, or you will never get the woman you really want.

NO2: always caters to women’s point of view.

Most men meet their goddesses and always agree and cater for women’s opinions.
They feel that they can win the hearts of women. They think that if they agree with her, they will make women feel comfortable and happy. You always follow her. What other reasons can she be unhappy about?
Of course she will be happy. Who doesn’t like to be praised?
Nevertheless, have you ever thought that such behavior would make you a fifth of her N, because a charming woman lacks praise, and you will only be drowned in countless poor people in the same situation. By analogy, when you receive countless New Year greetings during the Spring Festival, will you remember the text messages of one of them? Under normal circumstances, it may not be seen.
In fact, for a woman, she prefers men who are independent and dominant to men who cater to her. Like air, we need air, but it’s cheap because it’s common.
At last, I understand.
If her man is always saying “yes” and “right” to cater to her, she will be disgusted.
In women’s eyes, this is an expression of indecision, weakness, incompetence, let alone attraction. Even when she was vulnerable, she tried with a man who had no ideas, but soon she would want to leave him. This is a woman’s instinct, the genetic instinct inherited in primitive society.

NO3: seek recognition or request permission from her.

Men are always trying to please women, to get women’s “approval” or “permission” is another bad idea.
Women are never attracted to men who are so pleased with them. Latter Lammas.
Don’t misunderstand me. I don’t want you to deliberately “bad” women to attract them.
But if you think being nice to a woman means “always trying to please her, asking for her approval and permission,” you need to think again.
Women’s inherent insecurity determines that they need a man to depend on, so they hate men who seek their approval.
You can’t believe me. You can ask the women around you if they hate the men who stick around all day looking for their approval.

NO4: always try to buy her like you by inviting her to eat and give her presents.

One of the most common phenomena now is to chase a woman you like as a prostitute, thinking that all kinds of treats and gift offensives can chase people you like.
But the reality is very cruel, she still refuse you, like the person, but is not half as good to her as you man?
The result is very normal… Yes, I mean it’s normal.
When you do these things, you’re actually revealing a message: “I’m not attractive, so I’m going to do my best to buy you out and make you pay attention to me and like me.”
What you do, in women’s eyes appear to lack self-confidence, rely on “bribe” women to make her like you, trying to control women through money gifts. Women believe that men who lack self-confidence are not worth relying on.


NO5: premature expression

Premature confession is also a mistake most men make, and I’m referring to it for attractive women.
Most men don’t realize that beautiful women are sure to be liked by many men. They will encounter all kinds of means to express their love, with their eyes fluttering and their eyes warming.
A few times a day, a week is dozens of times, often a month is hundreds of times.
Charming women are often chased by many men, even with many men, have been in love, have a lot of emotional experience.
They can clearly know what your words and deeds mean.
When a man meets her once or twice, he says to her, “You know, I really, really, really like you.”
It’s like telling a charming woman that you’re in love with her, like any other man who hasn’t caught her.
Using the same method as others can never make you stand out, but it will speed up your failure. So don’t do that.

NO6: do not understand how women attract men.

When a man sees a beautiful, hot woman, he immediately becomes attracted and even has a physical reaction.
The factors that make women attractive are very different from those that make men attractive, especially those that make them irresistible.
Women are usually attracted to men because of other factors besides appearance.
Have you ever noticed that the proportion of men with beautiful faces is much higher than that of fat, ugly women with handsome men?
If you know how to use your body language and communication skills properly, as well as the use of the social environment around you, women can be very attractive to you.
That attraction is equivalent to the feeling that you see beautiful, hot women.

NO7: “money” and “looks” are the key to attracting women.

Many men have already given up before they start.
They think that women are only interested in Gao Fu Shuai. It is true that some women are only interested in these things because their real desires are not activated.
At present, only a small number of men know the “personality traits” can easily attract any woman, and women can not control, can not stop… That’s why you may find that men who are not amazing are always surrounded by women in their lives.
Does that mean that once you learn these “personality traits” and use them, you can be very attractive to women?
The answer is yes, that attraction is equivalent to the feeling that a man sees a beautiful, hot woman.

NO8: care what women say.

If I love her, I have to care about every word she says.
She said she didn’t like me to say that. I didn’t say that. She said I didn’t look good on this dress. I never wore it again. She said she didn’t like men with glasses. I wore contact lenses.
Care about what women say, this kind of normal behavior, but also a lot of men often make a mistake.
A woman’s sixth sense can be felt immediately. You always care what she says, so she will feel that you have taken her seriously enough.
She has no need to make any effort to make you care about her.
In other words:
She can ignore you love, want to see you call you to invite her to dinner, do not want to see you, you call the past, she felt you bored, you send a message QQ, she did not return. Worse still, you don’t feel like you are attracted to other men.

NO9: I don’t know what to do every step, so that I can attract women and make her your woman.

You may not know…
Women are 10 times stronger than men in reading body language, pronunciation and intonation.
For example, when you go out with her on a date, you want to hold her hand, she knows. You want to kiss her, she still knows.
If you want to kiss her, but do not know the specific, how to do, but just sitting there silly, extremely nervous. Brother, you can rest assured! She knows it all, but she will never take the initiative, will not “help” you, women need a dominant man, so women always show a reserved side, and sometimes even refuse to act, even if they are very willing to.
If you don’t know exactly what to say and what to do at each stage, you’re likely to screw up your relationship and let it end… All your previous efforts were in vain.
It’s a very important question, and it’s very important to know exactly how each step goes from the first meeting to going to bed when you’re with a woman.

NO10: never seek help.

This is the biggest of all 10 mistakes.
This mistake makes most men never get their love.
But it’s also normal for men to hide their weaknesses or helplessness, so they don’t like to ask for help.
You should try to make more contact with the opposite sex and become a friend who can talk easily. This not only improves your social value, but also acts as your think tank, because women are the most knowledgeable women, and are the ultimate trustees.
In fact, you can also get the attention of the opposite sex if you shine in a same-sex group, so increasing your social activities and improving your social skills properly will help increase your attractiveness to the opposite sex.

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