In the process of interacting with girls: why is attraction so important?
The reason is very simple. In terms of appointments, the importance of gradual progress is self-evident.
You know a girl who goes to bed with her.
The whole process includes three stages: attraction, comfort and enticement.
Don’t you think it’s a horrible thing if a woman, who has done almost nothing, is going to be in love with you?
Either you meet your favorite dad or you want to cheat on your pocket.
Even if you are handsome, this kind of good thing is rare.
The most important part of this process is the stage of attractiveness.
With attraction, physical contact becomes natural.
Attraction, and then began to have a slight physical contact, and then slowly warmed up to roll the sheets of the link, in fact, the whole process is a continuous attraction process, she can not help but want to.

Maybe you’ve just come into contact with attraction, and many of the concepts aren’t clear, but that’s okay. There are a lot of articles that will lead you to be a girlfriend.
In fact, what women think is not complicated, but we are not women, so we will have a variety of complex associations, to limit ourselves.
Normally, if things are going in the right direction, there will never be a positive kiss, and then the so-called’peak moment’of’integration’.
But… From understanding to a series of natural processes between rolling leaflets, everything is seamless.
There are few twists and turns that are impressive. She felt as if it had happened spontaneously, and the attraction had been rising all the way from the beginning.
After understanding, several stages of physical intimacy: holding hands, holding hands, hugging, kissing, kissing deeply, biting the neck, and finally, of course, merging.
The arm here means that the girl put her hand in the man’s arm, and the kiss is a French kiss.




Here also emphasizes the kissing skills, boys generally only complete 90% of the action, the remaining 10% of the offensive, are completed by girls, as long as the front attraction is good, basically will not fail, every time the face pasted over, almost, and finally the girl raised her foot on the kiss.
This model is just one of them, each person has different hobbies, can have their own personalized ladder.
Another favorite process is: touch clothes, touch hair, hug, cuddle, hold hands, kiss, caress, deep development.
Do you understand? Each step is closer and stronger.


Attraction stage, you can chat, with the help of people and the environment around, this is a very critical link, well done, comfort, seduction two stages as long as not silly, is very smooth.
Physical contact occurs during the comfort phase, which takes about seven hours (which is when you can meet face-to-face).
Key points of comfort phase:
1, impatient to eat hot tofu, every time a small step, small steps up the stairs, do not jump contact.
2. Try it from the beginning. Don’t wait until you take the girl home without any physical contact, so even if you take her home, nothing will happen, because the girl will only treat you as an ordinary friend.
3, act naturally and end before the girl feels awkward and disgusted. For example, instead of grabbing a girl’s chest, she would have to stroke her shoulder to her waist and cut her chest in the middle so she wouldn’t feel uncomfortable.
4. When you are touching your body, tell other contents at the same time. Do not talk about matters related to your limbs. For example, when you pull a girl’s hand, don’t say, “let me hold your hand.” And we should talk about other topics when we shake hands: “hurry up, we will have a red light right now. Let’s go there earlier.”
5, give up the attack after contact, let the girl in turn attack. What does that mean? Take a chestnut. When you hold the girl in your arms and she feels warm and romantic, instead of touching her sensitive parts, you push her away and she will want to sit in your arms again.
Comfort is actually just the first step in the long march. Even if you are in a relationship, attraction can help you take the initiative in a relationship and make your lover’s heart sink.
Before learning to attract, comfort and seduction of two links are secondary.

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