Sha, a sister I chatted with on Wechat, was born in 89 and worked as an administrator in an IT company after graduating from college.
I once went to an IT company to do a project, and in my spare time, I used the “Nearby People” feature of Wechat to find and add her. This sister paper is not very beautiful in fact. It has 7 points in face (10 points). But the figure and temperament are very good.
WeChat add friends, do not recommend “Hello, Hello, HI” and so on.
Because these polite phrases are used by countless diamonds every day, high-grade sister-in-law papers have long been sought after high above, disdained, or you have a super-handsome real head, otherwise, the result should be no echo.
Previous articles have talked a lot about the content of conversation. You can go back and review it.
Our company, not far from her place of work, was about 5 p.m. the next day, and after her, there was intermittent chat, wanting an instant date after dinner.
Ordinary sister paper can be regarded as an indicator of interest through your friends’ invitation.
After adding a friend, I don’t usually talk to her immediately (reducing the need), and a wink of an expression passes in a quarter of an hour or so.
If she responds to an expression, it can be seen as a “welcome harassment” interest indicator, opening the topic a little easier.
If she answers the text, she will open the conversation on her own initiative, as long as she catches the conversation and starts interaction.
If she doesn’t have any response, then she can leave it alone for a while, so it doesn’t expose any sense of need, or it’s easy to reduce her own value.
This is the first content of WeChat chat. Let’s take a closer look at my analysis and judgement.
I: blink expression (mainly to test the reaction of the other person).
She: smiling face (made an expression, very good, interest index).
I: the eyes are very nice, but. This skill is known to everyone.
She: the photos are not credible.
I can now believe it.
She: amount?
Me: you are confident and honest.
She: ha ha
She: what do you do? (interest indicators, ask questions and open topics.)
I: I do marketing planning.
She: Oh, not bad.
Me: what about you?
She: I do administrative work, and write a lot of things.
I: I also love writing.
She: really? Then I’ll ask for more advice. (interest index)
I: Well, I can give you a 20 percent off. (It’s a framework to put yourself on the initiative, and many inexperienced brothers may be too eager to find opportunities to express themselves, which is undesirable, because it’s easy to fall into passivity)
She: what if I have no money? (entering my framework, showing the response to obedience)
I: change with friendship. (continue to hide the sense of need)
She: ha ha ha, good! (relationship breaking ice)

Two hours later, I was off duty and the second WeChat interaction.
Me: blink (or test)
She: a smiling face
Me: still fighting in the company?
She: Yes, how about you? Where are we doing? (interest index, active topic)
I: I have to withdraw, ready to drink something together?
She: it’s so cool. I’m a little tired. I’ll go back and sort it out. I’m in block B. Where are you? (tired, finishing is actually a sign of hesitation).
Me: I am here in the forest.
She: I don’t know that.
I: it seems that I am the only one to pick you up.

No reply was received in 7 minutes.

Me: or next time, it’s almost 6 o’clock.
She: she hasn’t come downstairs yet. Or another day?
She: Well, I’m very tired. Another day.
Me: OK, there’s a chance.
Me: smiling face
She: smiling face
A week later, at 8 in the evening.
Me: what are we doing?

Very sad, but no response, but nothing, just understanding. Any bubble should be balanced.
2 days later, there are more than third SMS interactions at 3 p.m.
I: at last, I am tired.
She: long time no see.
Me: Yes, are you ok? I went to Hangzhou on business. (opening double topics)
She: good place, I am fine.
Me: smiling face
She: very busy recently. I really envy you for going out to play.
I: enrichment is a good thing, many people work hard, no wonder in Hangzhou, give you information, you ignore me. (first pull, push back, push pull combination).
She: Recently, she was really busy. Sometimes she was too busy to talk.
Me: you don’t need to explain, smiling face. (push first, pull back).
She: Oh, I don’t really want others to misunderstand me.
Me: Either you treat me as a good friend, or you are kind and friendly, or you have both (use her explanation, compliment her, reward her)
She: ha ha
Me: and I work hard and I am responsible.
She: you are embarrassed to speak.
I: blink expression (again test response)
She: smiling face (interest index)
I: wait till the weather is fine. Let’s go out to drink some time.
She: Well, well, it’s also hard to relax.
Me: you call me, my name is David.
She: smiling face, Sasa.
She: 123XXXXXX
I: received

Because I had a better interaction with Sha, I called her directly on the second day.
It is important to emphasize that no matter how good it was in the night club, dating or text messaging the previous time. It doesn’t mean that the quality of interaction will be high next time.
Women are emotional creatures, and don’t spend too much time in second contact after the last good, productive interaction.
Sarah’s compliance with the invitation is a good indicator of interest, she must have a certain expectation, so must be prepared.
In addition, in the case of activities, can interact with friends, more from the side to show themselves, friends can also help to show high value, good operation, one can capture the heart of a girl.
Unfortunately, she has something to eat with her customers. After saying that she had come over after dinner, she ended up late with dinner, and she did not keep the appointment on the grounds of fatigue.
It is necessary to punish girls when they break up or violate social principles.
Many novices always indulge in girls and respond to each other’s indifference with courtesy, which eventually causes girls to feel bored and lose their temperament.
I have a female friend, she said to me after breaking up with her boyfriend, the reason: “I said what is what he did not have any opinion, has always been a good horse you feel good, not at all interesting, let me feel in love with myself, break up decisively.”
After the appointment, I did not express too much displeasure. But set up a punishment framework, “then invite me to dinner,” she agreed.
We agreed to go to the Avengers Union, which was our first meeting until I saw her off the next noon.
It rained a little that day. I was familiar with the environment and the surrounding areas. I made an invitation before work in the afternoon. Sha said she would go home and change clothes and take a bath before going out. (she can take it seriously).
I laughed in my heart. In order to make her time more comfortable, she told her to make a reservation at 9 in the evening.
The reason is very reasonable. The girl did not disagree.
I have decided that a wet story will happen tonight. Generally, the first invitation is not recommended after 9 o’clock, because the lack of early attraction or communication, then about such a late evening time is more ambiguous.
This time, if it is not for students to date on campus, and two people alone, generally speaking, the success rate is not high. But once the girl is willing to come out, it must have some expectations. As long as we operate properly and do not make mistakes, the game is not very difficult.
I was just drizzling when I left home, so I deliberately didn’t bring my umbrella. That way, at the end of the movie near midnight, if the sky is beautiful, it provides me with a usable reason to lock in with her.


After getting off, a girl’s paper appeared in front of me, flip-flops, dresses, shawls, one-shoulder handbags boring to play with the mobile phone.
I walked from behind and blindfolded: “robbery, IC, ID, IP card, Tong.” OK. Tell me the password.
She came up, grabbed my hand, smiled and said nothing.
Me: “be serious, I robbed it.”
She laughed even harder: “stop fighting, and you’re not afraid to admit the wrong person.”
I took my hand to her and said, “you are not afraid of robbery.”
She said: “no fear, public.”
Me: “really? Dark night. ”
She gave me a white eye. I blinked her eyes, and she smiled.
My heart is darker and cool, and I start with good interaction. It’s natural and reasonable to have physical contact.
I said, “let’s go. It’s not too late.”
She: “good.”
As a punishment for her last break of the contract, she bought two tickets at the counter. As a treat, I went to the local grocery store and bought two cokes and a popcorn.
In the movie theater, it is recommended to buy popcorn, and preferably medium barrel.
Because the seats in the cinema are relatively wide, and because of the longer viewing time, the average person will take the Erlang leg sitting position, so that the girl’s legs, will leave a size just in the bucket of popcorn seats.
Popcorn is much more reasonable here than boys do.
Because when both of them go to pick it up, the hand will naturally have a chance to touch, so one to two, her hand will be accustomed to your natural and inadvertent contact.
It’s very good for follow-up moves and elevations, and physical contact needs to be won step by step, not done overnight.
If it’s in your hand, then when she comes to take it, you feel it, and it’s a little deliberate when you reach for the other hand.
Normal seats, only drink seats, there is no place for popcorn, so it is very reasonable to put the girl’s thigh next to.

If a girl asks, “why do you put it here?”
A perfunctory sentence: “You are so slim, empty so big place is not just put this, with much trouble.” We can say that her heart is full of joy and no longer care.
Although the Wechat mattress and the meeting opened naturally, the girl pulled back unnaturally when her hands first touched in the popcorn pail.
Here’s the problem of emotional momentum. The emotional effect of the previous interaction will gradually decrease over time.
The embarrassment is not great, but it will be magnified immediately if it is not handled well.
I didn’t look at him. I went on eating popcorn and watching movies. My attitude was very natural. If we are nervous at this time, or laugh, or have any other nervous action, it will amplify this embarrassment, not deal with the invisible, increase the difficulty of subsequent limb upgrades.
The girl didn’t pull back the second time she met her hand, indicating that she had adapted and felt comfortable. It was time to continue to promote intimacy between the two.
With the movie playing, we are in a mood of ups and downs. Find a suitable opportunity to discuss the plot with her and reach for the popcorn. Because the two heads are close together, they can naturally bring popcorn to her. If the interaction is natural, there is no discomfort, the girl will not generally refuse your kindness at this time, and will use her hands to do so. Then, this time do not give her popcorn, to put directly into her mouth, girls will generally show reserve to avoid, do not give up, continue to feed her. My experience will not be rejected.
When I did this, the girl didn’t hold the popcorn in her hand. Instead, she gently took the popcorn away, very careful not to touch my finger.
It doesn’t matter. It’s better than expected. Release for a while, return the second time, reach directly to the front of her, and when she receives again, I put my hand toward her mouth a little, so that my hand and her lips are in contact.
I remember clearly that I felt “throbbing” in my mind at that time. It felt very good. Why? Because throbbing is something that must be two-way when men and women interact, and I’ve proven it.
The game comes here, ambiguous air has been created, at this time can create more opportunities for limbs to move, so that the ambiguity between the two sides continues to warm up.

After the movie break, walk out of the projection room and go to the bathroom with the girls. If the girl agrees, we’ll wait for her. This behavior is a test of how far trust and connection go, and it has other effects, I’ll say.
If the girls say no, this time, it is not necessarily a lack of trust, sometimes because they need to use the bag of supplies, so do not mind, laugh, reply: “Well, then you go first, just a friend text me, I call again, later on, wait there.”
So, when the girls enter the bathroom, you go in and wait a little longer before you come out.
Because she knows you answer the phone beforehand, she won’t think you go to the bathroom slower than a girl, and feel bad about you.
The procrastination step is to allow the crowd to see as much as possible. After coming out of the bathroom, gently walk up from behind, or blindfolded hands, using the robbery routine template.
She smiled and said, “come again.” At this point I let go and quickly kissed her on the side of the face. The girl bowed her head. I lifted her chin and kissed her on the lips. When the crowd did not disperse, she would refuse for reasons of reserve and social pressure. When the crowd dispersed, everything was so natural with the emotional energy before.

Walking out of the cinema, the rain is even bigger.
I: it seems that God does not want us to separate.
She: who told you not to bring an umbrella?
Me: Why are you so unsympathetic?
She: then you can take your umbrella back. Anyway, I got off the bus and got home.
I: do you have food in your house? I’m a little hungry.
She: I have nothing in my family.
Me: didn’t you fire at home? It seems that you don’t need to expect you to cook.
She: who says I can’t cook? (seeking identity)
I: Yes, I can make instant noodles. (pressure)
She: Pink boxing.
I: grab her hand, or buy two packets of noodles cooked. (establishment of framework)
She: it’s not convenient for my family.
Me: then go to me.
Until he got on the train, he added a sentence: “I’ll send you back.” But the two of us know that we won’t be separated tonight. Girls are like this, will never forget reserve, novice must learn to interpret the subtext of a woman’s special situation, the content of speech and psychological thought is not necessarily the same.
In the car, still want to keep talking to her, keep interactive, do not let silence, release the embarrassing atmosphere of two people about to have sex.
I usually play back the scenes, discuss the plot after the movie, and talk about the fun things at night when the nightclub comes back. In short, don’t let girls start their logical thinking brain, and let their emotional brain dominate them all the time.


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