Do facial exercises. Chew gum and massage your jaw. Smiling is also beneficial for toning up facial muscles.

Clench your jaw. Not so much that your dentist gets pissed off, because that wouldn’t be good.

Eat healthy. Things like sodium can cause bloating, which can reverse everything else you’ve done.

Get a good night’s sleep. Sleep is so important for your whole body, and will help speed along the losing weight process.

If all else fails, makeup works wonders. Contouring helps accentuate your bone structure and gives the illusion of having a nice jawline.

In addition, hyaluronic acid is commonly used for chin augmentation. Hyaluronic acid is a component of human body. Its main function is to moisturize, and it is added in many beauty products. Hyaluronic acid belongs to the macromolecule structure. It can carry more than 500 times of water, which makes skin more moist and moisturizing for a long time. Hyaluronic acid can also play a role in filling, such as chin, nose and wrinkles.

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