As my friend Amy pointed out, it is very important to explain body language in various ways, such as girls’hair.
Specifically, body language is like pulling out one or two words from a sentence alone. If they show other nerves or anxieties at the same time, this may mean that they are nervous, some of which are common:

Incoherent and incoherent in speech and grammar.
Remove fur or cotton velvet from clothing.
Brush down the crumbs or imaginary debris from the table.
Scratching on the back of the neck (usually 4 or 5 times).

Hair care (smoothing, touching, rotating, pulling back, throwing back (the strongest display) is also known as hair care. When a group of multiple gestures were observed, there was a great possibility for female subjects to show sexual interest.
Subconscious motivation is often interpreted as a “viewing face” in which a woman pulls her hair to make her face and neck more attractive. Minor adjustments and improvements to hair are more or less the same.

Other girls wear gestures including:

Licking lips or painting
Fold one leg on the other leg, aligned with the tibia.
A shoe dangling from side to side, with one leg crossing the other, is one of the most intense female flirting signals used to indicate male interest. When the feet make tiny pushing actions with the suspended shoes, the subconscious is mimicking the penetration.
Touch or play with objects, such as keys, paper towels, etc., especially cylindrical objects like dry glass, knives, pens, etc.

It’s also worth remembering that these monitors may be caused by other people in the room, not you, which is very important! Generally speaking, if the problem is to see you express it positively, their body is pointing at you (face, shoulders, knees, toes).

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