Sprains and strains are fairly common, and luckily most kids and teens heal quickly. These are fairly common injuries especially if you are an active teen who plays a sport or exercises regularly. However, can you tell the difference between a sprain and a strain, and do you know what to do if you get injured?

Shaking the waist promotes the exertion of the core muscles of the body to achieve natural exercise and the abdomen to tighten naturally; it also stimulates the “chyle pool”, which is located below the chest line and is the starting point of the lymphatic circulation system. Stimulating this lymphatic point can help the circulation and discharge the old toxic substances in the body. Even the situation of “edema” can be changed once.

As long as 30 seconds, waist circumference can be reduced by about 0.5cm, instant thin effect is remarkable!

Through simple twisting, you can achieve the above effect, and you can also start with different arm movements.
The brown thin fat cells of the scapula increase the effect of downsizing and bubble sleeves.

1. Turn around and open your arms at the same time.

Combination of heels, toes open 45 degrees, tighten the buttocks, initially like the strength of in-situ fast walking, using abdominal strength, feeling the pelvis swaying around, hands swing back and forth.
Then slowly raise your arms, shake your hands parallel to the front and back, hold for 30 seconds at a time, repeat 3 times.

2. Arms up to 7. Move up and down.

Maintain an upright position of 1. Raise your arms above your head and hands. Fingers are compared with the “7” gesture. The hands take turns up and down for 30 seconds. Repeat three groups.

 3. Rectify the cold back and lose weight at the same time.

Stand upright, heels merge, toes open 90 degrees, hands stretch backward, palms opposite, try to let both hands clamp shoulder blades, hands swing in the same direction, and then with abdominal waist twist, the same lasted 30 seconds, repeat three groups.


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