My girlfriend really wants Bobbi dolls, and the following is life.

1. Her English is not good, once checked her oral practice: “I can shine.” “I can Buling buling~” “two cars collided.” “Have two cars Duang!” “Do I love you?” “MUA ~”

2. when she came back from business, she asked me, “do you miss me?” “Well.” “What does it mean? “Just thinking.” “Well, then I also” well, “you.

3. Every time I go out, I will consciously put my hand in my hand and say, “You must hold me tight or you will never find a lovely girlfriend like me again if I leave!” When I saw something I wanted to eat in the street but I didn’t let her eat, I would stay where I was and refuse to go. I watched as I scratched my palm with my little thumb and itched to my heart.

4. I always feel that I don’t have a girlfriend but a daughter. Every night when she goes to bed, I dare not move my hands and feet when she gets into my arms. It seems that if she has any evil ideas, they are all animals. So every time, it is she who pulls my hands and feet to the utmost, and when it’s over, she doesn’t give the fire a solution, so let me go to the toilet and solve it by myself.

5. She bought me some small things in my wallet and cell phone shell. The pink girl heart, even a Hello Kitty tie and underwear made me embarrassed when I went to the company toilet. Until one day my cell phone rang, and the ringtone was “Lovely Praise”. At that time, my colleagues looked at my eyes as a whole. It has become unpredictable. Hey, I’m not metamorphosis. Is it just my girlfriend’s love?

6. She likes desserts and cakes, so she has a little flesh on her body, but she is not particularly fat, and her skin is white and soft and comfortable. Once she pinched her wrist and ran to me. “My husband, do you think my wrist is fine? My skeleton is so small, as long as it is thin, it must be a super beauty! ” “Cake and thin, choose one.” “Cake.”

7. “husband, do you like cats or dogs?” “Want to raise?” You like it, I will. ” “Oh, no, you say it quickly, which do you like?” “Cat.” Then she clenched her fist to her cheek and shouted at me, “meow.”

8. A female colleague of the company moved to our apartment. They are all on the same floor. After an annual meeting, I took her home by the way. As soon as the elevator opened, I saw my little girlfriend and her four-year-old nephew standing inside watching me and my colleague waiting outside for the elevator to chat. She was stunned for a second, for a second! Then I heard her bring her nephew to me in the next minute and call me “Dad, you finally came back.” Is this aunt…? You said later? Oh, aunt is gone.

9. Her voice is sweet but not loud. She likes singing but never finds a tune. At most, she can only find some confidence in nursery rhymes like Two Tigers. But I like to watch her sing. Yes, she likes twisting and twisting in the morning when singing, and the rabbit tail on the buttocks of her pajamas twists and turns, so every time. I told her that the erection of my legs was just the normal reaction of men in the morning. Believe it or not, I don’t believe it.

10. she loves to act like a spoiled child, but I know that when I am not around, she is stronger than anyone else.

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