The girl said she wanted to be alone.

In such a case, we need to make specific analysis of specific problems, and different ways of dealing with them are different.

Girlfriend Needs Space

When your girlfriend says this to you, it means that she is tired of the relationship. Whether or not she wants this to be permanent (or temporary), there is one thing that is clear: Your girlfriend wants to be alone for some time. This might be due to a lot of reasons. However, what she means is very clear: She wants a temporary break from the relationship. Since this might sound harsh, she is trying to sugar coat it with “I need personal space to find myself”, or something like that.

What Should I Do When My Girlfriend Says She Needs Space?

This is something hard to do – a lot of guys fail in doing this, and end up irritating their girlfriends (who become even more fed up with them and the relationship) and kill any chance to get their girlfriend back. Physically, it’s as simple as it gets: When your girlfriend asks for space, you give her space. You heard correctly. Just leave her be. DO NOT CONTACT HER IN ANY WAY. This is counter-intuitive, but the greatness in this is that, it is counter-intuitive for your girlfriend too! What good is this, you ask?

Your girlfriend is totally expecting you to fight back and resist. When you actually respect her needs, she will not only appreciate that – but you will plant a seed of doubt in her by doing that. “He obviously didn’t want a breakup before – what changed?” “Didn’t he actually want me?” “What is he up to?”

Women are very curious. With this aura of mystery, doubt and curiosity you will invoke in her; it’s going to be very easy to get your girlfriend back. Don’t forget – if you say “my girlfriend says she needs space”, what to do is clear: you give her space! Try it! – it will be very easy to get back together in no time at all.

1. She usually has a little temper and likes to make you laugh.

This situation is relatively easy to handle.
She said to you that she wanted to be quiet, that was angry words, think you usually not enough to walk away, alienate and neglect her, deliberately irony, to see if you can understand her voice is wrong or wrong.
At this time, you should not foolishly reduce the fever, ignore her, you should continue to coax her, give her enough company.

2. She is independent and mature.

If her personality is relatively independent, she usually does not “act”, you need to pay attention to, maybe you are too insecure, control too strong, always want two people to stick together, or interfere too much in her personal behavior, there will be problems.
In this case, she just wants you to give her enough private space, you shouldn’t think about overoccupying her private space.
You need to understand that love is not the whole of life, life is not all love, each other need to have more focus of life, work, life, hobbies, friends and so on.
Girls with independent personality also have the psychology of being needed, but they don’t spend most of their time in love with girls in No. 1.
At this point you can reduce the frequency of interaction with her, let her have breathing time, she will not conflict, your relationship will slowly ease.
You can disturb her infrequently, but it’s okay to talk to her occasionally, not necessarily completely out of touch. If you really don’t know what to say, just say: Nothing, just think of you and talk to you. Then say two or three sentences, and you can find a valid reason to withdraw.
Or you can pay more attention to her usual preferences, occasionally give her some snacks she likes, or give her a nice cold drink, chat with her at her door and then separate, do not show reluctance.
In short, it means expressing love in some way, not taking up too much personal space.
Slowly, you will find a more comfortable rhythm, and your problems will be solved.
Emotional running-in is a process, to find a comfortable way to get along with each other slowly, even at ordinary times do not feel alienated, even often together will not be tired.

3. When your feelings are in trouble

You have emotional problems, quarrel or break up. She wants to be quiet for you.

There are two sides here:

(1) If she has feelings for you, she will accuse you of being angry with you.
This situation shows that she still has you in your heart, because love cares, because you only have emotions when you care.
She still has feelings for you, which means that she hopes you can feel her dissatisfaction, reflect on what she has done wrong, and then make up for it, just to let you cherish this feeling more. In this case, you need to be silent for a short period of 1 or 2 days, review your problems, and then express guilt and repentance to her, hoping that she will give you a chance to make up for it.

(2) If you are in a bad emotional state and the relationship between the two is very low, she seldom keeps close to you and cares about you, which means that she no longer regards you as a boyfriend, but wants to end the relationship earlier.
In this case, there is no need for her to be quiet, open her heart and talk with her seriously, and ask her if she doesn’t love you any more.

If it is, break up peacefully, because she has no love for you, and there is no point in redeem it.
The premise of successful recovery is that she still loves you. If she doesn’t love you, even if she reluctantly accepts your recovery, it doesn’t make sense to be together. She will still treat you coldly. If she finds that cold treatment is useless, if you don’t give up, you can’t break up decently, showdown directly, even after friends have not done it.

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