She’s 25 years old. She likes to go to bars with her friends. I always think it’s not good for girls to go to bars all the time. Bars are too messy. And I’m not the type who likes to be active. I’m worried that if we get married and have children in the future, it will be hard for me to accept it. Someone also told me that girls would love to play at this age and would get better if they married.
I’m really in contradiction now. I hope you can express your opinions according to your own experience and experience. Thank you.
I also want to talk with her. How can I talk about it? Would you like to tell us whether we are together or tell her directly that I don’t like her? I am very sensible about this problem. I don’t want to change her either. I’m just worried about it later.
In addition, she sings very well, and at home she always turns on the computer as loudly as a bar.


Do it anyway! It’s better to be a great dancer than a terrible dancer, but it’s also much better to be a terrible dancer who can have fun than to be a stick in the mud who avoids dancing. Unless you actively injure her on the dance floor, she’ll appreciate the effort.
That’s probably her way of life. You can’t change her. As the saying goes, “It’s easy to change one’s character, but difficult to change one’s character.” If you don’t like her like this, you should talk to her honestly and openly, and ask her to go as little as possible. It is impossible not to let her go. If you can’t stand it, think about breaking up – because different habits are a big problem in marriage, you have to face the contradictions caused by them, and you will be exhausted in the long run.


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