Sometimes the designer who really suits the packaging of these designs is not so powerful as to be able to design the packaging so beautifully and magnificently, but how to get resonance, make people laugh, or make the products better use, presumably they must have observable eyes, delicate mind, to life. Combined with creativity.
The following 20 commodities are common items in our daily life, and their texture changes with different packaging.



The idea was that Grandpa and Grandma could eat the mints without their false teeth, so the way to open the package was to tear the teeth apart.


Wool and sheep.


T-shirt packaging with food packaging as the design concept.


Such consumables such as bulbs can also be so cute except that they are packed in cartons.


The same series of bulbs is packaged, and the long type bulbs are ice lolly.


Although the packaging is exquisite, it will be a bit of a beef to see the cow himself.


When butterflies stopped on top, tea became more delicious.


Light bulbs can have so many different ideas.


The wax is packed with caramel, and the oil is poured out by striking the egg.


When hot water is added, the food can be packaged into a bowl, which is smart and environmentally friendly without having to change the food from the package to the bowl.


Italy became the cook’s coat.


Fresh and baked.


Homemade small ideas should be popular after commercialization.


I like this practical creativity best. Peanut shells need not worry.


Every little animal’s food has its own exclusive packaging.


You should guess what the lollipop tastes like.


It really makes people reluctant to open the packaging.


Sugar free gum makes your smile brighter.


Toothpaste will no longer be wasted.


This is not paint, it is chocolate!
To be honest: good packaging design has been half successful in product marketing.