Nowadays, most of the design theories are very mature. It is natural for design tools to rely on mature design theories to construct. Many of the new design tools in this month’s Dry Collection are rooted in old theories, ranging from fonts to color matching. In the past, there was no absence of dry goods in every period. There were always several such items.

Font Playground


Font Playground is a practical tool that can help you verify variable fonts and even export front-end code. Variable fonts are typefaces that contain a variety of different styles and types of elements, and they are becoming more popular and used in more ways, which is why Font Playground came into being.


Color Wheel Generator


The Color Wheel Generator generates perfect matching color wheels for specific colors and outputs them in HEX format. Designers can also fine tune by adjusting the light and shade, saturation and hue.


Scale is a tool to help you see the specific shade of shades.



Rockstar is a dynamically typed programming language that was born to create a computer program that writes lyrics. The programming language was also influenced by rock and roll in the 1980s. It’s a very hard core.



Fondu is a smart contract generation tool that was originally developed to help raise money.


Font Memory Game

Font Memory Game is a small game that helps you practice your eyes and discover the details of typesetting, through which you can better recognize different fonts.



Fusion.js is a MIT-based JS framework that supports popular libraries like React and Redux. It’s a good choice for people who want to build Web applications. It has modern enough features, including hot module reloading, data-aware server-side rendering, and bundling and unblocking. Its whole architecture is based on plug-ins, which is flexible enough.



StyleURL allows you to export and share modified CSS directly from Chrome DevTools so that it can be integrated with your daily workflow. It generates a link that automatically loads CSS into existing Web pages, ensuring that you can share and adjust it intuitively



Keyframes is an online chat tool designed for animation designers, where they can share experiences and materials, and can be used as a community to learn the relevant knowledge and share learning resources.


Brandcast Team Edition

Brandcast Team Edition makes it easy for teams to share resources, work together, and build websites without code.


Pair & Compare

Pair & Compare can help you find and preview fonts online, directly test fonts in various Google Fonts on the screen, and make more detailed comparisons and choices by adjusting the background, font size, color, width, and line height attributes.


Emoji Tweeter

Emoji Tweeter is basically an online editing tool that can help you insert various emoticons into your tweets. It’s a fun tool.


3D Cube Form

3D Cube Form is a highly interactive form tool. Users enter fields from the selection of colors. The design of the whole tool is highly participatory. It may not be suitable for every project, but it is absolutely worth your time to understand.


3D Toggle

3D Toggle is a cool animation that can change your idea of switching actions.



Malvid is an interactive interface development component that helps you create Web components while previewing and recording them. This tool can also help you analyze folder structure and convert files to visual UI.



Podmap is a cool data visualization tool that can show podcasts around the world. It can help you find podcasts that are nearest to you or in specific areas and easily filter them by geographic data.



CoolHue is a JSON rendering gradient color matching tool, it contains 60 options for gradient color, you can easily use it to get a stylish color matching effect, you can use it to capture color directly into PS, Sketch.


Tutorial: Animated SVG Neon Light Effect

This tutorial teaches you how to create dynamic SVG neon effects, which require you to use Adobe Illustrator to generate cool custom effects, then export them to Sketch and ultimately export them as an SVG image for use on a website or APP. Most importantly, the output of this tutorial is no longer Gif pictures, but vector SVG animation, with strong performance, better compatibility and greater scope of application!


Aunofa Serif

Aunofa Serif is a long, thin, unique serif font that is highly exhibitive. The free version contains only uppercase letters, while the paid version is complete.



Calibre is a font that is compressed horizontally to the extreme. The whole font has a very high X height and contains complete numbers and symbols.



Cleon is a serif-less font for a variety of different uses, many of which have very distinct circular features and have a strong geometric feel


Deansgate Condensed

Deansgate Condensed is a clear and unique font, similar to the font used by many signs on the streets of Manchester.



Facon is a very sharp cut fashion display font, the font by cutting to create hollow visual features, very impact



Mercy is a very readable non-serif font, many of which contain interesting curves, and the entire character set is small, with only 69 elements.

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