What is the Google designers salary? First you should know how to pick companies!


Today, I saw an article written by a Korean sister who works at Google on how to find a design company that works for her.
My sister’s article field is user experience design, but I think it’s good for all job seekers.
From my experience with a large number of companies, the biggest obstacle to job hunting is not knowing what you want, but applying for the company’s reputation or the company’s ease of application.
I have applied blindly to many companies, and I am confident that my portfolio will be enough. But in the end, I didn’t even get a reply from a few companies. Then I reflected that I didn’t think about what I wanted to do, or whether I was right for those companies, or whether they were right for me.
This way of sea investment is understandable in finding internships. After all, we need work experience.
But this is not a way to find a formal job. You spend far more time on a formal job than three months of internship. So you should have your own ideas, or it’s easy to work in a place you don’t like for at least a year. For companies, they don’t want to hire an employee who doesn’t know what benefits they can bring to the company or what they want.

So for those who will graduate, or have graduated from the design students, how to find our ideal job.
The following steps can help us sort out our thoughts and see where we fit in.

What do you want to learn?

First of all, ask yourself, “what do I want to learn? ”
Whatever you do, you can gain experience, but the place and the way you get it will have a lasting impact on your future, including developing interest and building values, which are more meaningful than just getting experience.
So first we have to ask ourselves what we really want to learn from work, so that we can determine the number of target companies.
The following tips can help us sort out our strengths, our interests and expectations of our company.

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1. list your strengths to determine your current value.

List your strengths to help you see yourself and know the value that you can contribute to the company. And when applying, you should be able to emphasize these advantages skills more rationally.
Not only are we strengths, but we also need to recognize our weaknesses, which not only gives you a better understanding of the appreciation space you need, but also helps you understand where you want to focus your energy.

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2. recognize your hard skills and soft skills.

Recognize their strengths and weaknesses and categorize them into “hard skills” and “soft skills”. Distinguishing your strengths from your weaknesses can help you find out more about where you can learn and grow.

Hard skills refer to the technical skills that are directly related to a specific day-to-day design task that may eventually be completed. In design, these skills can be prototyping, visual design, user research and design strategy.
Soft skills refer to skills that are not directly related to the role of the job, but can help complete the job and open up different career opportunities in the future, such as time management and speaking skills.
After completing the classification of skills, write down your skills that you want to improve quickly or continue to learn.

Now you know how you can work for your future company, and you also have a clearer understanding of how to highlight your strengths and needs in interviews, and how to learn from each other when working with colleagues in the future.

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3. list the industries and fields you like.

Next, you should think about your industry and field of interest, learn more about the relevant background, so that you can more consciously find a job and find the job you are interested in.

Internet, technology, these are now popular, seems to be a good destination for designers, is it really suitable for you?
From my own experience, working in business and e-commerce products is challenging and enjoyable to a large extent, but sometimes I feel that my body and mind can not fully engage in them, and gradually lose momentum. After reflecting on it, I realized that, influenced by the glamorous Internet trends and herd mentality, I had neglected what I really wanted — something I was really interested in. What I am more interested in is related to art, culture, education, social goodness and social media.

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4. select the industries and skills that you want to learn.

Companies and employees should be mutually beneficial. We need to know whether we are suitable for the company, whether our ability can bring benefits to the company, and whether the company can help and improve itself well at the same time.
When I study companies that I am interested in, I usually do this:
They provide job opportunities;
Knowledge of relevant positions and daily tasks;
Studying top executives working there to understand how they shape the corporate culture through articles, seminars, summit videos, etc.
Understanding the company’s core values, corporate culture, and whether the company can help me achieve my goals;
Connect with the school elder sister who works in the company, or establish contacts with the related designers through Linkedin.
Create a two by two chart to help us integrate the information we collected to determine the company that we want to go to.

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The following two diagrams are examples:

End notes

There are many reasons for being rejected when delivering a job: it may be because you haven’t met the skills the company is looking for, or because they think you may not be able to adapt to their culture… What you need to do is better highlight the skills that your ideal company values, improve yourself to fit their culture, or maybe the company isn’t the right choice for you at all.
If you’re interested in what a company or business is doing in a particular area, try to get close to that area, try related work, participate in activities, volunteer, discuss with the people involved, and give your opinions more often.
The word fit works together with companies and job seekers, and in the process of job hunting, it may also be a process of discovering and recognizing self-worth.


Photo material Author: Gytis Jonaitis

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