Now it seems more and more popular to brand directly as nails, so here are some Gucci series of nails for the girls, let’s take a look at it.

Gucci nails design

First of all, the words of the first is a relatively rich one, not only using the Gucci classic logo, but also with the halo dyeing, silver hollow and other elements, super beautiful nail yo ~

The second one is a collection of all the elements of the Gucci nails design series ~Laohua, Dionysian and so on, so gucci-loving girls should not miss ~

The third one is a low-key one, although it also uses the logo stripes of Gucci nails design, but the overall color is too dark, so it looks very low-key yo ~

The Gucci nails design’s cherry style is pink all day long, with a water drill as decoration, a super girl’s style yo ~

The fifth looks very gorgeous, using the classic logo of Gucci nails design, with red love and golden sparkling pink nails, a very high-profile yo ~

The last one is also a relatively low-key one, a collection of Gucci nails design tiger head, stripes and other elements, but the color matching is relatively low-key, but said to be low-key luxury connotation ~


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