How can I make a poster? 10 tips for perfect poster design!

For designers, graphic design is one of the most basic skills. The design of posters and leaflets is almost a required course for every designer. Most of the digital posters on the Web today, advertising and promotional, are derived from what we know as poster design. Posters are always the most interesting and practical form of presentation for marketing products and connecting customers. Many excellent posters not only present information, but also do interesting things by the way.
The poster is classic, and the poster is also suitable for many of the needs of today’s design. What problems do you need to pay attention to if you want to design a good poster? In today’s article, we’ll share 10 very useful tips for poster design to help you improve your poster design. By How can I make a poster?

1. let the posters be clearly read in the distance.

When we design, we often emphasize readability. The poster is a medium to do this, at least to ensure that the basic content of the poster can be clearly read at a distance. But the poster can carry a lot of content, in general, the poster text and visual content should be constructed corresponding hierarchy.
In poster design, we need to construct three different levels of text:
Title: This is the most important and largest text element in the poster. It is a supplement to the visual and artistic elements of the poster, and it can also be its carrier. When choosing the title text, it is better to choose a better readable font, or carefully designed heading font.
Details: What is the specific content presented in the poster, when and where it happens, all need to be shown through details and detailed text description. How to concisely present information, size, and contrast requires careful control. Usually the main information outside of these headings needs to be controlled to half the size of the main heading to ensure that the hierarchy makes a contrast. In many cases, the size of these auxiliary texts is based on their importance.
Retention Terms and Rules: This usually refers to the poster of relatively minor provisions and content, for interested users can be carefully examined, usually this part of the content will be reduced to a smaller, not affect the main content, not hinder, but can be seen clearly. By How can I make a poster?

2. magnification contrast

Your poster needs to be clear at a glance. Users will be attracted to one glance. High contrast between elements can help you do this. Forget subtle light colors and monotonous color schemes, and bold colors and exaggerated glyphs are better suited for poster expression. If you have any experimental design ideas, try using posters to express them, including unique color matches and font designs that go beyond the bleeding space, and they all have enough contrast and appealing features. By How can I make a poster?

3. design posters based on size and location.

The poster will eventually be presented. Will it be on the subway station or on the wall of the building? What kind of location and perspective do users take to see it? What is the length to width ratio of the poster itself? What kinds of things will affect the visual presentation of posters? All these factors are related to your poster design.
Knowing the actual placement of poster can help you better conceive and design. Visual design not only occupies an important position in poster design, but also has a close relationship with external factors, which requires designers to design according to local conditions. For example, if your poster needs to be posted on a green wall, then the poster must not use green, but need to use a contrast with the color that can be seen at a glance. By How can I make a poster?

4. make a mini version.

Although the poster is mainly printed, it can also be used in other places, such as web pages, where the designer can output a mini version based on the poster that has been completed. In marketing, there is a very practical rule, that is, the user in contact with something more than 20 times, will subconsciously remember it. Therefore, multiple versions of posters, oriented to a number of different platforms and media release, in order to better achieve this goal.
Reduce and produce mini versions that can be shared and viewed on social media.
Make a postcard size version for distribution.
Consider designing the web page, making landing pages based on poster.
Make versions that are suitable for sending e-mail. By How can I make a poster?


5. emphasis on primary vision.

Whether your poster is using pictures, illustrations or words, the main vision is the core of the entire poster. Like a title, it needs to be clearly identified at a distance.
When designing posters, you can use compact facial features, very targeted illustrations, or scenes with obvious focus features as the main visual poster. After determining the primary vision, pay attention to the hierarchy of other elements, and have enough contrast between the text and the image to ensure that it can be clearly distinguished. By How can I make a poster?

6. use lots of blank.

Every poster has a very clear design goal. It needs to touch the user at some point. Most posters want to attract the user to do something, such as concert and movie posters. They need to convert the user who sees the poster into a consumer. To create visual focus, to a large extent, is to rely on reasonable blank.
Of course, in poster design, the control of blank space is not limited to highlight the main visual, other places should also pay attention to:
The spacing between letters should not be too close, otherwise users will not be able to see clearly at a distance.
The spacing between texts should be dense.
The inner edge of the Poster Canvas should be left blank to create a sense of breathing.
It is also necessary to leave blank between different elements, such as between text and picture.
When using the blank space to create a visual focus, you need to think clearly what you want the user to see most. By How can I make a poster?

7. add behavioral summoning elements

Every purposeful poster needs to be able to reach the user in some way in order to eventually produce conversion rates. In most cases, you need to “invite” users to do something, like buy a movie ticket or something else. Therefore, the use of action call elements is particularly important. You can design these behavior calling elements just like designing the call button in the web page.
What’s different from web design is that the behavior call in the poster may not be so straightforward and intuitive, and operations like “click here to register” or “send us e-mail” are not feasible. Usually the behavior call element in the poster is to provide activity information, or contact information, more modern. The practice is to provide two-dimensional code. Once you know what the user will do when looking at the poster, or in what state, the corresponding design is easier. At present, providing two-dimensional code as a fast access to specific services, links, functions, can bring more possibilities, but also may improve the conversion rate. But the act of summoning the poster should be carefully considered. By How can I make a poster?

8. use quality typography to create attraction.


Most of the tension typesetting you see are in various posters. Poster itself is a variety of typesetting experimental venues, and designers are most keen on creativity. Some posters blend all kinds of illustrations, crazy and cool effects, some posters only use fonts and colors, can also be very expressive. The emphasis is on typesetting.
The layout of the poster and the layout of other places follow the same principle, and it is impossible to express it in more than a dozen different fonts at the same time. But you can use bolder, more coquettish typefaces, in ways that you feel are more expressive.
However, the use of any font and typesetting needs to be as close as possible to the requirements and tone of the current project to convey the right emotions. If you make posters regularly, you’ll find that it’s quite a mental and design exercise that activates your brain. By How can I make a poster?

9. try to use cool printing technology.

It is worth noting that the poster design does not just stay in design tools like PS and AI. As a final print that needs to be exported as a physical object, the presentation of the poster is also related to the printing technology it ultimately uses, whether it is relief printing, or screen printing, including hot stamping and UV layers, will let the sea go. Newspapers take on a different look, and different printing techniques can bring about many effects that digital design cannot achieve.
However, many technologies are usually applied to some major high-end projects or events.
Before printing, it’s best to contact your printing department or colleagues in advance, and determine the technical details and results, and whether the dimensions you want to design can actually be printed out. Of course, more importantly, budget issues, be sure to talk clearly. Some printing processes may be very expensive, so you need to know if the budget is enough. By How can I make a poster?

10. enjoy design fun

Poster design itself has many interesting aspects, you will encounter various problems in the design process, solve problems, try various techniques, you can break the rules at the right time, and even design some crazy things, but anyway, you must maintain a happy mood and explore the mood, only in this way can create Amazing design.
Designing often encounters all kinds of bad designs, but good designs are always born in the process of trying, imagining and creating. Keep your mood and have fun. By How can I make a poster?

In the era of web design and APP UI design, graphic design seems to be on the second line. But graphic design has always been the basis of design, and posters are the best test ground for exercising the power of design, so try more poster design, and you’ll benefit from it.